Friday, September 12, 2008

Maybe this is why she can't get elected after 5 attempts

Hana Razga, NDP candidate Edmonton-Leduc: “It makes sense with an economic point of view to tax the things that you want people to use less of. In this case it’s the carbon — cars and things that use carbon monoxide.”

This is Razga's six attempt at getting elected.

She ran for Edmonton City council in 2007, in the 2008 provincial election in Edmonton Whitemud and twice before in Edmonton-Manning (1997+2001) for the NDP, and federally for the NDP in 1997 in her home riding of Edmonton-East. Now she is at it again under the orange flag of the NDP in Edmonton-Leduc.

I wonder what Jack Layton has to say about this little gem:Because we all know how much Jack Layton supports Dion's carbon tax and the Alberta Oil sands.

"In the Edmonton-Leduc contest, that means calling for Omar Khadr’s return to Canada from Guantánamo Bay and voicing support for Stéphane Dion’s controversial carbon tax. She warned that Edmonton shouldn’t rush any expansion plans into Leduc. On the oilsands, though, she’s hesitant to call for federal action."

I feel a memo from party headquarters coming her way soon.

Some more quotes of interest from Razga:

"I think Canada has become a lot meaner country in the last 15 years, and the previous governments of Jean Chretien and with Paul Martin as his finance minister, and now it’s even worse Mr. Harper, with his law and order agenda"

She said at the same time, cap and trade has been used in Europe and it is very popular there and is working.

“They (the Conservatives) eliminated a lot funding for the status of women programs and their initiatives, they cancelled the court challenges programs, and of course, child care.”

They are like wolves in a sheep’s skin.” She said it gives her shivers to think the Conservatives could form a majority.

Update: Hana was at it again this time in Ward 8 for the Edmonton municipal election where she garnered a whopping 9.7 % of the vote.

Where will she show up next?


Dave Hodson said...

I expect that idiots like Razga are about the best candidates Jack can find in Alberta. Considering that nobody other than a Conservative has any chance at all at winning a seat there, I'm just not surprised there are no smart people willing to put their names forward. Perhaps Jack would be better off if he just didn't run a candidate at all?

AtlanticJim said...

Who knew cars used carbon monoxide? I haven't filled my CO tank in YEARS!!

Anonymous said...

She supports the greenshift. That is going to be one tough sell in Leduc,the home of the first ever oil well in Alberta.

Anonymous said...

"That is going to be one tough sell in Leduc,the home of the first ever oil well in Alberta."

Ah, yes. Leduc #1. Damn, I miss Alberta.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me to see this gal finally make it to the show, remember Tooker Gomberg?...these folk seem to have a lot of time on their hands.