Thursday, September 18, 2008

Free Seminar: How to make money with the Liberal carbon tax:

Dear blog reader: Do you want to be rich?

Dear reader this is your chance to learn the secrets that can make your life easier and bring in wealth beyond your wildest dreams all with the help of Stephane Dion's carbon tax. (as a special bonus today I offer a free sneak peek of one of our most basic and popular secrets. One of many that what you will learn by taking part in our exclusive seminar. Keep reading)

Our highly sought after program will teach you all that you really need to know to profit in Canada under such a repressive tax system as the Green Shift. While the rest of the population suffers under the weight of it all, you can come out ahead by applying the simple lessons learned at our exclusive seminar. But you must respond today to ensure entry.

By confirming your reservation now I will guarantee your seat at an exclusive financial seminar to be held in your area in the near future; probably at some seedy hotel out near the airport.

Here is just a small selection of available sessions:

Tax planning: Businesses really do not pay taxes. (at least with their own money)

Sending cash to your brother in law and claiming it as 'Green R&D' (sold out)

Hidden opportunities: Thriving in the black market.

Unfair disadvantage: Selling your stock in Canadian companies before the tax hits.

New business ideas: How to set up a "millions of new green jobs" employment agency.

Specialized training: The believable shoulder shrug.

The Gore: Buying carbon credits from yourself.

Investment Opportunities: Buying farmland, trucks, and fishing boats cheap.

and many many more!

This is the chance of a lifetime to get ahead of the curve and profit from Dion's Carbon tax. Seating is limited and if you want to guarantee your place you must confirm your space now.

Operators are standing by.


As promised a sneak peak at our most popular session; Pass it on and then some*.

Everyone is expecting prices to raise under a carbon tax as your own and every other business passes on the increased costs to the consumer; this is expected and should not be a surprise to anyone. (see tax planning session B)

Example A . ' Your Product ' currently retails for $10 and this allows for a $2 profit. With your carbon tax hit passed on to the customer (already expected by the consumer) the new selling price will have to raise to $12.50 to maintain the current profit margin.

So why not take advantage of the expected increases and tack an a few extra bucks for yourself? In our example why not tack on another $1.50 for a new retail price of $14.00?

Your customers will complain and they will not be happy but you now have the option of just shrugging your shoulders, blaming the Liberals and counting your record profits.

*Prerequisite: Believable shoulder shrug.

Remember, this is just a short example of what you can learn at our exclusive seminar. Call now and I will see you soon.

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