Friday, September 05, 2008

Repository of Liberal Lies and Smear.

I need your help.

Repository of Liberal Lies and Smear: Election 2008, Status of Women Addition.

I will be starting a post that will deal with and track 1 big lie that I expect to be hearing from Liberals and their rapid supporters across the country, over the course of the election campaign.

The lie: The Conservative Government has cut funding to the Status of Women.

I will be asking, in an upcoming post once the writ is dropped so please not here, that anyone who notes the use of this lie in this current election campaign by a Liberal MP, candidate, blogger etc, to please let me know and drop a link in the comments of that post.

A pre writ example: "Thibault countered that neither Ambrose nor LeBreton are credible defenders of women's rights given that they sat in cabinet when the Conservative government cut funding for the status of women program."

Why am I doing this? Read on.

I started out tonight writing a post tentatively titled "Stephen Harper is a monster". The basic idea was to point out how the Liberals attempt demonize their opponents in elections as have in the past, are currently trying to do, and will definitely do in the up coming campaign, but while I was typing away I ran into a few problems.

The first was that I had too many examples of this being SOP for the Liberals, the second was that because of all the examples that I found out there I had way too many links to find and include, and the third was that there was way to many various smears and lies to deal with in a book never mind a single blog post. This makes for a very messy post and a realization that I need some big time help trying to keep track of all the lies and smears that we can all expect to see over the next few weeks.

So in an effort to keep it simple I decided that I would track just one big lie, about funding cuts to the Status of Women, and ask others bloggers out there to do the same for any one of the many other examples of Liberal lies and smear out there; such as the ever popular Bush= Harper smear, cuts to the arts or other programs, tax cuts, Afghanistan, same sex marriage, federal debt reduction, abortion, immigration, softwood lumber, foreign aid, human rights,hidden agenda, etc. I am sure you can easily come up with one of your own as there are many examples.

So if you are interested in the idea please feel free to pick a smear or lie and document just how many times you (or your blog readers) find the Liberals using it over the campaign. It will take some work, but there might be a payoff for the effort.

Over the years I have noticed that it is not that easy for someone to lie when they are being watched and exposed on those lies, and with a little luck this effort will make just a bit harder for the Liberals to pull the Campaign of Fear™ out of their playbook this time around.

Comments and ideas welcome.


Anonymous said...

Well I see Dion and Layton harping on about the meat scandal as if it is the Conservatives fault. The media are also keeping this up. They are still trying to turn this scandal into a Harris/Walkerton scandal that shows Harper's real stony heart.

Anonymous said...

Harper does = Bush.

Jerry said...

Trying to track all of the Liberal smears might require more work than a full time job, but having a few hundred quotes from Liberal wannabe MPs might make the media take more notice of the type of campaigns the Libs run.

maryT said...

I would hope that all conservatives who will follow the election campaign will go out and attend all townhalls, and other meeting of the opposing candidates, and report back what they are saying/promising. Ask the tough questions. But, my experience is not many take questions from the floor, just written ones and toss out any that could/would require an honest answer.

Sandy said...

Good idea. I'll keep watch. The one I find most interesting is Harper = Bush. If I see it I will ask for proof. Besides, Bush is leaving the WH. Whatever will the exaggerators do then?

maryT said...

Wait for the spin on why the shaft is not mentioned, they are concerned re Wrights lawsuit, lol.