Tuesday, September 09, 2008

We are not having financial problems.

Stephane Dion and the Liberal Party of Canada: We are not having financial problems.

And except for Mr. Dion’s modest rally on Sunday, this tour has been a trio of buses roaming around Ottawa and Montreal looking for something to do while (conflict of interest declaration here) charging reporters $2,100 a day plus hotels for the tagalong privilege.

Dion and the Liberals are charging $2100 a day to reporters.



Anonymous said...

Holy crap,i think the libs should be paying the MSM.Their the ones keeping quiet on all his blunders and building him up to be a HERO in his own mind.

Joe said...

$2,100.00 a day? Doesn't that exceed the $1,100.00 a year limit on political contributions? I think Elections Canada should look into this one and shut it down.

Anonymous said...

Would that $2100 count as party funding?
And how much are they paying for Greenshift.ca?