Sunday, September 28, 2008

Michael Ignatieff steps up to save the Liberal Party of Canada

Iggy steps up to try and save the Dion's led Liberal Party of Canada from disaster.

From the Toronto Star: The New Democrats and Green Party have no chance of forming government and the only way to stop the Conservatives is to vote Liberal, deputy Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff says.

And while he was at it Iggy throws a little fear into the mix as well: “If you don’t vote Liberal, Canada will go into a major economic crisis,”

Soon Iggy soon.



Cool Blue said...

I thought Dion was against "low blow" fear-mongering?

djxtreme said...

As mentioned here Strategic voting is an abomination of democracy and any that support it should be banished from politics.

ARK said...

Iggy and Mr. Burns: astute and entertaining observation, Ardvark.

I'll add this quibble:

When Mr Burns gets sinister and conspiratorial, his voice turns to whisper. Iggy's, on the other hand, when exercised, seems to get sort of whiney.

I wonder if Iggy watches The Campaign That Jack [Layton] Built, and thinks to himself:

'That showmanship, that slickness -- that should've been me.'

Ardvark said...

Just look at Iggy's eyes in that picture and feel the Liberal love.