Monday, September 15, 2008

How's it going Garth?

Steve Janke nailed Garth Turner 2 times yesterday. The first for using the son of his top assistant as a prop for the cameras of CPAC, and the second time when Garth replays the victim card.

Watch this video courtesy of Step to the Right as Garth meets a random Halton resident. If this does not sum up Garth Turner nothing does.

Nice to meet you indeed.

More from Garth but this time Garth is the 'victim' and how the evil ________ (insert party here) are destroying Garth's election signs because he is a ________ (insert party here).
This is made all the more funny considering this entire ploy was predicted by another blogger just days earlier.

Garth Turner doing the Liberal Party of Canada proud and showing us all how politics should be done.

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