Saturday, September 27, 2008

Squandered. Lost in translation?

Stephane Dion: "They inherited a surplus of $12 billion, which they have squandered within two-and-a-half years,..."

Really Stephane; Squandered?

I know that you do not balance your own cheque book, and that your ideas such as carbon tax would harm the Canadian economy, but squandered?

Maybe I as a conservative do not understand what a Liberal thinks the "function of government" is, but it is you who do not understand that this money is not Liberal money but money that was taken from the pockets of taxpayers.

It is our money.

Money that was returned to the taxpayer through cuts to the GST and the income tax rate is not squandered.

Money that was given to the Provinces in transfer payments for such things as health care (which was decimated by Paul Martin and Jean Chretien) is not squandered money. Opps, I forgot; Liberals do not believe in any fiscal imbalance.

Money, about $40 billion, that gets paid off against our national debt and reduces interest paid on that debt by over 120 million dollars a year is not squandered money.

You see Stephane; that is what the average Canadian does when they are lucky enough to have some extra cash. We try to pay off our debts. It is simple economics and common sense, but you wouldn't know that because you have no idea about the life of the average Canadian and you do not even know how to handle your own debt.

You sir are out of touch and not worth the risk.


Alberta said...

Absolutely Bang On!!!!

treb said...

But ,But,But, What about his entitlements.