Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dion's campaign of hope starts.

"We need to win against the most right-wing prime minister in the history of our country," Mr. Dion thundered. "Stephen Harper wants to give George W. Bush a third term in Ottawa."

"Stephen Harper is more pro-Brush(sic) than John McCain."


I don't want to split hairs but is PM Harper more"Pro-Brush" or is he anti-comb Stephane?

Keep the hope coming Mr. Highroad and remember what you said just a few days ago.

Dion added the Liberals will work to win the hearts and minds of Canadians in appealing to their noble sentiments and to their positive will to do the right thing. He said the Liberals won't resort to "the negative, nasty approach of the Conservative party and their current leader."


maryT said...

Message to Dion, in less than 90 days Pres Bush will be replaced by another, who will take office in Jan, 2009. By the response to a speech last night from all sides, just maybe the US is not as mad at Pres Bush as the media has tried to convey. Perhaps the american voter will really pay attention to the media and their lies and biases after they were really taken to the mat last night.
They could start telling the truth about O and hit on his inexperience before others do it.

climatecriminal said...

most right wing Prime Minister in the history of the country? where is the evidence for that? I wish it were true, then we wouldn't still have a gun registry, tokenism for man made global warming, HRC's and funding for SOW's et al.
Now if being right wing is bad then being left wing is good? If true then who is Professor Dions optimum model, Mao, Stalin, Castro etc etc.