Friday, September 12, 2008

Will Dion change his Green Shift plan again?

Because a couple of more Liberals are asking him to do just that.

David Orchard: “I've spoken out inside the party and I've made my views known that I'd like to see some changes in the proposal,” said Orchard “I don't want to see farmers or fisherman or northerners penalized for using fuels for which there is no option, they have no alternative.”

Paul Zed: "There is no tax on emissions. The Green Shift plan is not a detriment to the refinery "¦ I wouldn't be supporting this if, for a moment, I thought the refinery was in jeopardy."

Ok, Zed is not asking directly for a change but once he realizes that he is grossly mistaken in his belief that refineries are not going to be taxed he has 2 choices; not support the carbon tax, as his words above so clearly state, or ask Dion to change the plan. Which one will it be?

Will Stephane Dion make more changes to the Green Shift before the election date?

Only time will tell.

ht Steve Janke


Anonymous said...

Of course Dion will have to continue to be disengenous and hide his massive tax and spendohollic increases. These increases amount to $15 billion annual Liberal Party tax increase, PLUS the massive, flow-through increase on the cost of every consumer good that is transported by truck, plane or train because of the gigantic increase on a gallon of gas as a result of Dion’s tax increase.

This major tax increase is a Marxist's dream. Surely even a Marxists Moron like Dion doesn't expect Canadians to buy into this joke. This massive tax increase will result in the redistribution of wealth from the wealth creators to the wealth non-creators such as the welfare bums. Again, as I said: A Marxist's aspiration come true; and all using the anxiety/ pretext of alleged climate change caused by man! What a joke!

Wasn't the GST suppose to be revenue neutral? Yea sure, if you believe that I have a bridge…….. Even if the Feds do cut income tax by part or all of the $15 billion tax increase, the provinces will once again increase their income taxes to make up for the Federal income tax cut. Just like they did when the GST was developed..

And, not stopping with a $15 billion tax increase, the extreme left-wing Liberals are planning to add a Cap-and-Trade tax on top of this. Once again this second Liberal tax increase would increase taxes and drive up the costs of all consumers goods as industries pass through their tax increase. Industries don’t pay taxes; they pass them on to consumers.


Anonymous said...

I seem to remember the gun registry being sold to us as a revenue neutral program.
The fees collected were going to pay for the whole thing.
How do you spend 1 billion dollars on a simple computer registry?
Oh, wait, those were the days of Adscam, so anything went.


Anonymous said...

With apologies to John Cougar Mellencamp ...

Jack and Dion

by JC Kelan

Little ditty about Jack and Dion
A kid from Quebec et un gar de Lyon
Jacky wanna be a Kyoto star
Dion, debutante in a hybrid car

Suckin’ on tofu dogs, watchin the CBC
Dion sittin on Jacky’s lap
Dreams a grit minority
Jacky say, “Hey Dion,
I’ll help you get rid of Steve,
then I’ll sit in your cabinet,
let me do what I please”


Oh yeah, life goes on
Long after the thrill of voting is gone
Oh yeah, say life goes on,
Long after the hope of winning is gone, they walk on

Jacky sits back and reflects for a moment
Dion scratches his head and does his best Howard Dean
“Well you know, Dion, Liz’ll be a problem”
Dion says, “Jack, she’s already on my team”


Oh yeah, life goes on
Long after the thrill of voting is gone
Oh yeah, say life goes on,
Long after the hope of leadin” is gone, they walk on

Steve’s gonna rock, Steve’s gonna roll
Let the “Green Shift” pull him up in the polls
Hold onto power as long as he can
Change come around real soon
Steve’s got a majority plan


Oh yeah, life goes on
Long after the thrill of voting is gone
Oh yeah, say life goes on,
Long after all the dreamin’ is gone, they walk on

Little ditty ‘bout Jack and Dion
two Lefties gettin’ whupped by the neo-con.

Anonymous said...

Zed is simply not telling the truth.

the Liberals GreenShift Plan states

"Liberals will tax pollution in Canada for the first time by putting a price on Greenhouse Gas emissions that cause climate change."
According to the plan, "large final emitters (the worst polluters in Canada - mostly heavy industry and power plants) will account for a significant majority of the revenue within the Green Shift."

Ardvark said...

That didn't take long.