Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All Politics is Local: Edmonton East.

All politics is local and it is the work of volunteers and the grass roots that win elections. With that in mind I will be profiling local ridings over the course of the next few days.

If you live in any of these ridings and have even a few free hours over the next few weeks to help out with the campaign or even to request a lawn sign, please take note of the information and give your local campaign office a call. They all will appreciate the help and every little bit no matter how small can help keep your riding and our Federal Government Conservative.

Today is Edmonton East which is currently represented by the popular Peter Goldring.

Campaign office: 12721-50 St, Edmonton Phone #: 780-478-6565


Upcoming events: Contact the office for the latest event schedule.

Riding Info: Map. Edmonton East has a population of 128,199 with 90,861 registered voters and 237 polling divisions. An area of 50 square km that goes north to 167 avenue and south to the North Saskatchewan rivers, 97 st to the west and the Fort Road/Manning Drive to the east. Edmonton East and its colourful Electoral history.

The election is only a few weeks away and your help is needed. Please call 780-478-6565 and be part of the team that helps return Peter and a strong Conservative Government to Ottawa to be your voice in Parliament.


maryT said...

How come whan I click on this site I get an audio of the liberal ad re Ritz. No u-tube just the audio.

maryT said...

This audio plays over and over, 5 times since my 10.21 post

Ardvark said...

Thanks Mary, on the home page the liberal ad is about 5 posts down and starts automatically. If I can find a different link I will try to fix it when I get home.

Ardvark said...

That video player problem has now been fixed Mary.

A Funny thing is that it was a direct link to the Liberals video player/ad and just like the Liberals the player thought it knew better than anyone else and did its thing without being asked.

maryT said...

For a while I was wondering if you were using a suttle message for the liberals. LOL.

Ardvark said...

My closet liberal identity has been revealed

I fear that the RCMP may be circulating a picture of a blue aardvark as we speak and I might not be able to gain access into the old Edmonton Inn tomorrow night. =(