Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Wizard of Liberal Oz

Stephane Dion: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

One problem Stephane; it is getting so crowded behind that curtain that it is now all but impossible to ignore by anyone.


Slightly off topic but no time for a separate post:

Dion in Quebec today said this about the conservative crime proposals "Do you know one police man who agrees with this plan?"

No Stephane I do not know one policeman who agrees in tougher sentences, I know of thousands of them who do.

Stephane Dion: Out of touch with his own party, out of touch with Canadians, and out of touch with reality.


wilson said...

Canadians are being warned that we carry too much debt and could go thru an economic crash like the US in 2 years.

Dion's answer to our economic uncertainty:

the GreenShift plan:
Mortgage your home to install new windows and solar panels!
Can't get a loan....Liberals have a new bank for you to borrow from!
But first you have to buy bonds and then borrow your own money back to get that retrofit loan at low low interest costs.

Does Dion think the terrorist that got convicted today,
should be given house arrest because he was 17 years old (just a baby) when he was planning to blow up Canadians?

potato said...

I think he's talking about France.

Ardvark said...

Canada is not some university science lab where Professor Dion can try out his little carbon tax experiment that even his own research assistants do not understand.

Dion is out of touch with reality.