Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How many government employees will lose their jobs to Dion's ideological cuts.

According to Stephane Dion he is going to pay for his entire platform and create a surplus by making cuts to existing government services, and I guess the government employees who operate within them.

What is going to be cut Stephane? Which programs are going to get the red Liberal ideological axe?

Considering that the Liberals have screamed about any and every funding cut the Conservative Government has made in the last 3 years, which the Liberals have now promised to reverse, (BTW has this been included in the costing of the Liberal platform?) it should be interesting to see just where Dion plans to make these cuts. Plenty of people have speculated that the military would be the biggest target, but with the Afghan mission not concluding until 2011 it would even be below the Liberals to not properly fund our troops.

I want some answers Stephane and Co. Which programs or government service are you going to cut to pay for all of your promises?


rations said...

The government employee who shared the conference call of Gerry Ritz with the press might be the first one. Wouldn't that be poetic?

kursk said...

Don't underestimate how quick the left in this country would make the cuts to the military,regardless if we were still in Afghanistan or not.

The 'big arts party' Canada would have with a Dion govt would be financed with cuts that would leave soldiers going to food banks, again, as they did during the Liberals 'decade of darkness' (when they stripped the military's cupboards bare.)

Ardvark said...

Gwynne Dyer and Avi Lewis need more of their trips paid for by the taxpayer.

If Dion is in favour of crap like that, how will he be able to cut a single dollar out of current spending?

We need answers? were is CUPE on these proposed cuts?