Friday, September 26, 2008

Mohamed Elmasry: One vote the CPC will not be getting

Mohamed Elmasry a guy who has some issues with the right to free speech in Canada has come out with some 'expert' election analysis.

Source: Canada’s right-wing media have been publishing poll after poll in recent days, apparently showing that the Harper Conservatives are in the lead. This selective polling process has led them to the premature conclusion that Stephen Harper is heading for another term as Prime Minister, this time with a majority government.

But the campaign is far from over and the Harper road-show knows it. These polling figures are just another tactical maneuver aimed at demoralizing the contending parties and their supporters

It sure is nice that someone in Canada can make such ridiculous claims such as Harper controls the media and the polling companies and only get criticized in a few blogs rather than getting hauled before some kind of kangaroo speech court.

Isn't free speech a wonderful thing.

Too bad Mr. Elmasry does get it.


Roy Eappen said...

I would never vote for any party that has the anti semite el masry's support. This is a guy who would have voted for the butcher mugabe.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Els-mary, now you are voting for.... Dion...Lizzy May....Jack? What an endorsement! can't buy supporters like that for sure. With the Conservatives not getting your vote, boy now that's gonna hurt, no doubt that loses them the sought after"sock puppet" vote also, gonna watch the ratings after this one.
Cheers Bubba