Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Worthy of being seen again. Election 2008 video.

This post is going to end up being a link dump for, IMHO, what are some of the more interesting videos of the campaign. I hope you enjoy them.

The PM quick thinking on vegetables. Listen to the media laugh out loud at the end.

This was well before the call, but I like it and it is my blog.

A well done Terminator parody.

Well this one speaks for itself. Thank you CBC.

Matt's video that started it all. (already linked to here)

Dion on Israel, clueless and caught in a big lie.

"I thought this meeting was for us and not ...these bunch of media people" Dion press conference goes terribly wrong. Note his strong leadership skills. Not.

Dion has no answer but he didn't "hear" the question according to Liberal spin. Too bad he repeats the question himself.

The spin. "Maybe it was...." If you don't know Stephane who does? (he blames it on a hearing problem with a straight face)

The aftermath. Dion goes green and goes 'Hulk' on a CTV reporter



Matt said...

Perhaps this is shameless self promotion as it's my video but I think this could end up playing a big part in the campaign. Perhaps not for the perspective I put it in, but for a viewer subsequently recognizing the man as the son of Garth Turner's campaign manager.

Ardvark said...

You are right about Garth sounding like he was waffling on the green shift, but other events overshadowed your good catch.

This election is far from being over.