Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thank you Edmonton Police Service

Last week a member of my family was the victim of a violent crime. I am not alone.

If this situation has not yet happened to yourself or to someone you know, you are winning the battle of statistics for at least the time being; count yourself lucky but remember that this is happening everyday to some of your fellow Canadians. Leaving the discussion of the political aspect of crime and justice for another date I would take the time to thank the sharp end of the spear in the battle against crime; the police.

Thank you to the members of the Edmonton Police Services who were at the scene and saved the life of someone very close to me. I cannot possibly express in words my thanks for your actions that night. You have a job that many of us could not do and the abuse and disrespect you get from the citizenry that you protect makes the job all that more difficult. You all make a difference, thank you.


hunter said...

Glad it worked out well for you. It is getting scary out there.

Ardvark said...

It puts a lot of things in perspective and I wish it upon no other person on earth.

Just being honest said...

I've personally always been in awe of these guys and gals who, for about the same salary as an MBA, put their LIVES on the line, day in, day out. Thank you indeed.

Ardvark said...

Not only that, the police are constantly arresting the same people over and over again. That must be frustrating beyond belief.


Hackbart said...

The revolving door is the main reason I stopped all my efforts for trying to aspire within the justice system, there are so many faults present that change is not going to happen in our life time.

Though it does not stand to be the best thought, we as Canadians should stop standing aside when vicious crimes are committed by repeat offenders and should take the steps to ensure that there is no recidivism.