Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stephane Dion is an admitted separatist.

Stephane Dion is an admitted separatist. What, too far back for a quality smear? Is there a limit on this stuff?

I would have thought there was but judging by the latest Liberal Party of Canada attack website, scandalpedia, the length of time one goes back for a smear seems to have no limits. I know this is not as important topic as say cartoon puffin poop is, but this is getting ridiculous.

Right on the home page the reader is greeted by a 2001 quote from then private citizen Stephen Harper, and looking a little deeper the Liberals appear to have no qualms about digging up quotes made in the previous century, long before Stephen Harper formed a government or the CPC was born, including a couple from 1994.

In the scandals section they go back to the early 90's and their old favorite target Brian Mulroney, and I am surprised that they don't have a section on David Emerson. (maybe it is because he is not running this time so why waste a good smear on him) There is also one other interesting "scandal" that I noticed on this official LPC website, but the details were a little sketchy do to legal issues. Something about libel and slander I think.

A while back a few Liberal bloggers declared that enough time had passed since adscam ended in 2004 that the issue should be declared dead and buried never to be brought up again, but today,
September 9th, 2008, the Liberal Party of Canada decided that 2004 events be open season for at least until the year 2018.

Madness. I know Liberals like to think when Stephane Dion changes his mind, like on carbon taxes, the Conservative child tax benefit, his own Green Shift, and yes Quebec separatism, that it is a good thing , and when Stephen Harper changes his that it is a sign the he is the spawn of Satan, but can we all please stop living decades into the past.


Alberta Girl said...

I notice they have Stockwell's famous north to south/south to north mixup on the Niagra River as a "scandal".

Gee how come calling Stephen Harper a Nazi is OK, but mixing up the direction of a river is a scandal!

Ardvark said...

Strange how no one from the Liberals or the left wanted to comment on this.

I guess when your entire existence in opposition can be defined as trying to find and build up smears, and your current campaign is more of the same, making comments about that is frowned upon.