Sunday, September 07, 2008

Tracking the Lie: The CPC has cut funding for womens programs.

I need your help. (Please see this previous post) I am going to attempt to track one of the biggest lies that the Conservatives have faced from almost the beginning of their time in government.

The Lie: The Conservative Government has cut funding to Women's programs. i.e. The Status of Women.

The Truth: News release: The budget of the Women's Program has been increased by 42 percent, bringing it to its highest level ever of $15.3 million.

If you see/hear this lie being used please drop a link into the comments and I will update this post as necessary.

It is much harder to spread lies like this if those spreading the lies know they are being watched and know they will be called out on their smears.


Sept 07, 2008 less than 2 hours after the writ is dropped the Canadian Press spreads lies:"The autumn of their first year in power, the Conservatives galvanized one angry constituency with $2 billion in spending cuts that targeted such things as the court challenges program, adult literacy and women's programs - while posting a $13 billion surplus for 2005-2006" * * (26 Google hits for this story)

Sept 08, 2008: Liberal MP Diane Marleau in the Sudbury Star. "I've been travelling this summer as chair of the Women's Caucus. It's evident a lot of damage has been done ... They say they're not cutting the money, but they're not giving it out. Most groups have been weakened and they're the groups that are the most vulnerable." and just for fun another quote from Marleau: "I fear if Harper comes back we won't have much of a country left. We happen to believe government is a force of good in our society."

Sept 10, 2008:" Mr. Dion said the Conservative government of Stephen Harper has turned the clock back on gender equality and women’s representation. He eliminated the national child care agreements, cancelled the Court Challenges program, removed the word ‘equality’ from the mandate of Status of Women Canada and cut funding which forced 12 of 16 regional Status of Women Canada offices to close."

The court challenges program was just for women? Who would have known; I thought it was for serious wrongs such as complaints about having to pay for your own nanny.

Antonia "The Harper government also jerked around Status of Women Canada. First it slashed its budget by nearly 40 per cent and stripped "equality" from its mandate. Later, when it restored funding, it had essentially robbed women of important legal mechanisms to fight for equal rights and equal pay."

It wasn't just restored, it was increased by 42% and the entire process cleaned up so more women's organizations could be included in the process rather than just your far left friends who think it is just fine to attack Sara Pallin because she is a women. You are not a feminist AZ, your just another lefty who thinks you know how everyone should think and live their lives.



maryT said...

Check our Angry and Layton using Obamas talking point about a guy packing his stuff to be sent to China, then the gaffes of Dion and his shaft at Blue Like You.
The net will be the undoing of the opposition.

Paul M said...

Good job!