Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is Carolyn Parrish's pen name Heather Mallick?

Is Carolyn Parrish's pen name Heather Mallick by chance?

I am not saying... I am just sayin'.

Thank you CBC"Canada's national public broadcaster" and all of your advertisers. You have managed to embarrass not only yourselves but embarrass an entire country by paying for and allowing this hate filled entry on your taxpayer funded web site.

Gordon Sinclair must be rolling over in his grave.


Anonymous said...

I am not embarrassed but I am mad and fed up with a bunch of leftard smart asses who seem to feel no opinion is too low or vile to be directed at someone on the right of them in the political spectrum.Having said that it is high time the C B C was turned back into something that must live or die according to it's program ratings, I don't want to hear any whining about "Canadian culture" if that horrible piece of trash that Heather Mallick is supposed to be representative of Canada, we are all diminished, I don't know much about Sarah Palin< other than she seems to me having lived in the North to be pretty typical northern type person, is a mom, and does not believe in abortion, that is her right, I don't understand why the big flap, I guess a REAL woman is a threat to the Heather Mallicks of the world by their very existance.Cheers Bubba

pyper said...

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maryT said...

Why isn't she being taken to task for interferring in an american election. This is much worse than the nafta so called interferance.
Fire them all at cbc.

Ardvark said...

Canada's national broadcaster showcase for Canadian anti-American rhetoric.

Nothing to be embarrassed about there, other than I helped pay for it.