Friday, September 26, 2008

Jane Taber skewers Dion for the second time in 2 days.

Jane Taber doesn't think Dion is hot.

Today: Liberals already musing about potential leaders. "John Turner was given two chances. The question Liberals are asking themselves now is whether St├ęphane Dion will get the same. It's not looking likely."

Yesterday: Liberals shift focus to 'living for another day'. "Not one, not a single serious Liberal is talking about St├ęphane Dion becoming Prime Minister," a long-time Liberal said. "This is not about beating Harper as PM. This is about living for another day."


Dion is out of touch, and everyone else in the country knows it but him.

As an added bonus: Jane on Gerard Kennedy.


Joe said...

That is not true why just today I heard Dion say he was going to be PM..... Oh you said serious Liberal..MY bad.

climatecriminal said...

and who have they got to replace him? Well lets see, a psedo-american, a guy who really screwed up Ontario and a guy who was a puppet of the Ontario teacher unions. And these are the people that liberals brag about as a "strong team". Give me a break.

maryT said...

Come on people, we all know that Lizzie May will offer her services to be leader of the liberals, to save the environment you know.