Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Tale of 2 McGuinty's

Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty on the very real ehealth scandal: "We will not be moving ahead with a public inquiry.”

Liberal MP David McGuinty:"We believe this is probably the most massive propaganda effort of any kind ever seen at the federal level in Canadian history." as the Liberals file 55 complaints with the ethics commissioner, and ask Elections Canada, the Public Service Commission and the auditor general also to investigate the long standing practice of using (FAKE) giant novelty cheques which McGuinty believes Canadians are too stupid to know are not real.

Quite the contrast between brothers no?


A couple of more interesting quotes from David McGuinty:

On Adscam: “There was an examination and the Liberals paid money back. That’s over and there are new standards.” ( Perhaps if the Liberals had used giant novelty cheques I might not have missed this payback of money that the LPC has to this day refused to tell Canadians which Quebec Liberals received the stolen cash.)

The Liberal star is clueless on 10-percenters: "I stand to be corrected, the NDP may have done that in the past,'' he said. '' I don't recall ever seeing a Liberal logo on a 10-percenter. That is a flagrant abuse of taxpayers' money. If you're using public resources to further the cause of your own party in held or unheld ridings, it's against the rules. And if it's not against the rules, it's against common sense." Yes it is true; David McGuinty wants us to believe that he has NEVER seen a LPC logo on any 10-percenter in all of his years as a Liberal MP, including the ones that HE has sent out , and he has the nerve to suggest that it is the conservatives who are treating the voters as idiots.

FYI David, note the LPC logo on this example of a Liberal 10-percenter.


Michael Harkov said...

Principles - if the current ones are inconvenient, the Liberals can always find others.:D

Bec said...

So, they're BOTH hopelessly stupid hey?
I knew it, I KNEW it all along!

Ardvark said...

The Liberals are all for inquiries and investigations, as long as it is not on themselves (Liberals).

Gor said...

This does not surprise me in the least. The LPC is, afterall, synonymous with hypocrisy.

jad said...

"If you're using public resources to further the cause of your own party in held or unheld ridings, it's against the rules."

So I guess they will be giving back their quarterly subsidy from the taxpayers from now on.

maryT said...

Perfect time to get rid of the vote subsidy, as liberals now say it is unfair to use public resources for partisan use. Who knew they were so concerned about taxpayer money. Would love to see how they would vote in the HofC, when PMSH used their own words against them.

Anonymous said...

Just today I received a 10%'er from a Liberal, not in my riding, and low and behold the Liberal logo appears prominently in the bottom right hand corner - just like Hedy's.

There's also the big fake postage stamp bearing the picture of Lester Pearson and a copy of a Canadian Passport. And, this one is actually negotiable. :-)

He refers to our government in his pretend questionnaire as the "Harper Reform-Conservatives" or the "Harper government" or "Stephen Harper's Reform-Conservatives". Seems to me the poor fellow doesn't even know the real name of the governing party and yet he is, of course, only sending this out to inform and survey voters.

Clearly not. Just another Liberal using government funds for Liberal propaganda purposes.

Interestingly, I got one from my actual MP (Conservative) a few days earlier with no logo in sight.

Ardvark said...

I think it is time for all parties to sit down and go over the rules and write new ones if necessary hopefully saving us taxpayers some money.

Anonymous said...

Ardvark, agreed. Almost all the 10%'ers I've ever received are junk mail.