Monday, January 04, 2010

And then there were 3.

Not willing to have Premier Stelmach decide their fate for speaking out against the long in the tooth governing PC's, think what happened to Guy Boutilier, Fish Creek MLA Heather Forsyth and first termer Rob Anderson have crossed the floor and joined the Wildrose Alliance Party.

Anderson said, “Unfortunately, the current PC Party Leadership has failed to address my constituent’s concerns and will not permit me to speak publicly about these issues,” he said.

“Instead of remaining silent I have decided to stand up with even greater force for the people who elected me.

“I have no interest in investing any more of my life and taxpayers’ money defending poor public policy that has been developed by a small band of out-of-touch government appointees and insiders.”

A few more and David Swann will be looking for a new office.


Anonymous said...

The WRA now out number the NDP. That alone should be reason to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

The Stelmach Conservatives remind me very much of the Liberal Party of Canada. They have misread the public mood and are trying mightily to backwater against the tide. Their main instrument of recovery seems to be to have a bunch of hack spokesmen denigrate the Wildrose Alliance while, at the same time, they attempt an insincere mea culpa. They hope to sway public opinion by papering over their more glaring miscues. They have yet to realize that they will have to change their entire philosophical approach.
The people of Alberta may be relics of a rapidly disappearing ethos that values honesty, openness, the keeping of one's word, the value of handups, not handouts, and the idea that what a person earns by the sweat of his/her brow is honestly earned and not to be given away frivolously. These attributes may becoming passe but Albertans cling to that ethos. The PCs have lost touch with that value system and they will pay for it.

Blame Crash said...

I'm more than a little pleased about all this and I'd be a guessing that we'll see more of this!

I especially liked how Anderson informed us about, and lambasted the "All Powerful Bureaucracy". (AKA : Ed’s bosses)

It's hard to know where the PC party ends and the Provincial Bureaucracy starts. It's like they're one and the same.

"Two hearts beating as One"

I say the time is up for the "Fair Share" PC's.