Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Keep an eye on Massachusetts today.

Lots going on today at home with the possible cabinet shuffle and all, but if you find the time keep an eye on the Senate election in Massachusetts today.

A few weeks ago this seemed all but impossible.



maryT said...

Will Gergan take responsibility for the dems loss, re his debate question.
Brown's answer goes down in history like Brian's You had a choice.

Blame Crash said...

They'll be a lot of cheating going on down there. They got away with it in both Washington State and Minnesota, didn't they!

I wonder how many members of the Gliberal Party of Toronto and the Toronto media are down there taking notes so they can import the newest methods in the dark arts of democracy demolition. Quite a few, I bet!

Isn't Massachusetts where they got their so called “leader” from?

Yup, it sure was!

The_Iceman said...

I saw a CNN field reporter present the thesis that Massachusets voters are angry "at the pace of change" and not the substance of the change.

Ergo people may vote against the party whose agenda they support because they are frustrated that it isn't getting through fast enough. So to speed up health care reform, they are going to give the Republicans a filibuster?

Does that make any sense? Or should I punch myself in the face for watching ten minutes of CNN this morning?

maryT said...

With so many dead people on the voters list, is that where a leadership guy got his ideas from.
For 3 hrs there have been reports of cheating. I think the acorn types are accusing the other side of what they are doing or have done.
Regardless of the outcome tonight, it has got to send a message to any Dems in swing districts. Will some of those members of congress or the senate think, gee, do I want to get re-elected, or go down with the ship.

Patrick Ross said...

It's all over folks, Scott Brown has taken the day.

Obama still needs to get some form of health care reform done, but he'll have to pursue it under a different model.

My advice for him is this: satisfy the State's Rights lobby, and offer an incentive for the states to impliment some reforms on their own.

R. G. Harvie said...

As I blogged today.. I think the point is when you dare to give people "hope", you had best not deliver the same old "three card monte".

Obama gave hope.

Then he pissed on it.

And the dems are going to pay.