Thursday, January 28, 2010

Place your bets. The next great Liberal outrage.

Personally I am going with the PM appointing 5 Senators which is expected to happen within the next couple of days.

That should set the Liberal outrage machine to 10 for a few days, even if they themselves have no intentions of doing otherwise if they were ever returned to power, unless this too is above Ignatieff's pay grade.

Any other ideas on what might set them off?


maryT said...

Does the HofC have to be in session for the GG to install the new Senators. I read somewhere that is why the coalition want to bring down the Govt, over the Throne Speech or Budget, so they could not be installed.
This whole faux outrage re prorogation is fear of loss of the Senate and control.

Anonymous said...

The Prime Minister congratulating any Canadian Gold Medal winners in person. The Liberals will accuse Mr. Harper of trying to share their stage.

Anonymous said...

Only the power of the GG to grant prorogation at the behest of a PM stands in the way of a coalition coup.
It was the only tool that prevented Dion from being our PM and Layton MInister of Finance and Duceppe holding us all hostage last year- and the breakup of our entire country.
Something that has happened 105 in our history and only for 22 days extra on the Christmas break after a pretty normal 104 day parliamentary session and to facilitate a new Throne Speech and new session has become a 4 letter word???
Our media are either accomplises or stupid - or both to have misled Canadians on this one..

wilson said...

If I remember correctly Mary, 'during' the 2008 coalition prorogation period the GG swore in some 18 Senators.
Wasn't there outrage about PMSH being able to install Senators during prorogation?

CanadianSense said...

For the first time since 2006 and losing power the Liberals can't hide behind the liberal senate.

I would like to push the Del Mastro inquiry into the missing million from Adscam.

I think if the government proposes to curb restrict growth or FREEZE any special interest group of public service entitlement the opposition will go to town!

It depends on the media if they run with it.

How many questions from the opposition regarding the strike at the museum at Ottawa?

wilson said...

Todays Liberal outrage, led by the media, is a rehash of the Dopenhagen climate change outrage.

Tomorrows will be 'how dare Harper appoint Senators'
followed by
'the evil Harper will use his majority in the Senate to abuse the power of the people'.
And that outrage will last right thu an election campaign.

If the policy Iffy produced on 'youth jobs incentives' is an example of the great thinker's future election campaign platform.....Harper gets his majority.

The_Iceman said...

I say delay for a few more days. Kady O'Malley is going bananas over at the CBC because she would like the PMO to release the information so that she can meet her publication deadline.

Let's postpone for a week, let her fester.

maryT said...

Who died and made Kady important.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kady the lady - NOT, is not as sharp as she professes to be. You know the old story about newspeople.
"There is always one more imbecile than you counted on."

Ardvark said...

Climate change? Really? I would have figured Kady would have been all over the various climategate stories now that she no longer has to deal with the committees.

That was her excuse on Soloman was it not?

Peter L said...

The Liberal Party is very lucky that there is no shortage of "useful idiots".

Blame Crash said...

I've only seen and heard "what's her face" twice. With the last time being during the Parliament Hill Perogie Pride fest.

The thing that struck me is how young and immature she sounds and acts.

I can't imagine she carries much weight with Canadians.

Anonymous said...

"Place your bets. The next great Liberal outrage."

My guess is that Lyndon Mcintyre unearth's some previously unheard extremely damaging information on Brian Mulroney during a jail cell interview with Karlheinz Schreiber,subsequent unanswered calls for another inquiry has the Count lecturing Canadians about another affront to democracy.


maryT said...

Has Lyndon done anything other than hound Brian for the last 20 years. He reminds me of some some idiot defending AGW.

Ardvark said...

The PM appoints 5 Senators.

maryT said...

Watch for rent a mob flash protest to follow the PM and his ministers from now on. It just takes about 5 minutes via tweets etc to get at least 5 people with signs to appear.
Is this what awaits anyone attending the Olypics. The first time happens, arrest them and put them in jail till Mar 1st, at least.
Libs are going nuts with the announcements today, and wait till they hear Danny praise the PM. ABC is dead.

Anonymous said...

Khadr and the CBC are taking quite a beating in the comments section at the following CBC website. Go there and read -you may even want to vote