Monday, January 11, 2010

Attention MSM: A few Questions for you to ask the anointed one.

Will somebody with a press pass please ask Michael Ignatieff the following questions.

#1 Are you against prorogation or just against PM Harper proroguing?

#2 (if no) What is your opinion of the power, would you use it if you became PM, and under what circumstances? What do you think about PM Chretien using it 4 times and PM Trudeau using it 11?

#2 (if yes) Isn't being against a long standing, legal power more of an actual threat to the constitution and our system/traditions of government than using that power? Are there any other powers granted to the PM in our constitution that you are also against, and are you willing to open up the constitution to change them? (BTW if we are opening up the constitution why not do some long overdue senate reform at the same time =).

#3 With your statements on how divisive the coalition would have been to the country does that mean that you AGREE with the PM's decision to prorogue in December 2008, which killed that very same coalition that you claim would have ripped apart Canada?

There are plenty more obvious ones to ask (sorry, I guess they are not so obvious to our paid "impartial" media) but these few should do for starters.

Bonus question: Did you not say MANY times that the Liberal Party under your leadership would not resort to cheap personal attacks against PM Harper? So what is up with the latest Liberal ads?

Anyone from the MSM listening?

How about you Kady? After-all you have nothing else to do since committees are currently on the Christmas break.

(Yes, the Christmas break. The prorogation does not start for another 2 weeks you disingenuous MSM wienies.)

UPDATE: The media asked the question and guess what; Ignatieff would prorogue too. ( they did let him off the hook by not asking about the times Trudeau and Chretien prorogued, but you can't have everything I guess.)

The NDP has seen enough and knows when to cut their losses. They will not be joining the Liberals PR stunt on the 25th. "NDP insiders said that while they agree with the Liberals that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's decision to prorogue was a major mistake, they are leery about the Liberal strategy. They said they're not sure the hearings will accomplish much, and believe the protest could easily appear hyper-partisan and poorly organized."


jad said...

Maybe they could throw in a bonus question on the notwithstanding clause.

Ardvark said...

If the media would just ask the first question on the list this would all be over in an instant.

It is the most obvious question for a reporter to ask Ignatieff isn't it?

wilson said...

Im repeating myself here

The media does NOT want answers,
they want issues.

Maybe we need to start up a FB issue:
The media must Prorogue itself and recalibrate.

Time for some sole searching msm.
PMSH gave you lots of time to do it!
Admit to the huge role YOU play in the over-partisan parliament.
Admit to the huge role YOU play in the general public being turned off to politics.
Admit to Hiding the Decline while accusing the government of muzzling MPs.
Admit to screaming about the death of democracy while ignoring or undermining PMSHs agenda of an ELECTED Senate...

it's a long list.

wilson said...

Perfect example for yah, from Jane Taber
''...The first question he (Flaherty) faced, however, was not about jobs, the economy or the deficit.
Rather, he was asked about the new Liberal attack ads, released yesterday...''

Because our media really really cares ...what a joke they all are!

maryT said...

Just heard a Federal MININSTER talking with Dave Rutherford, doesn't he know he is supposed to be on holiday and not working. LOL

ridenrain said...

Could it be that pushing an agenda is the reason why these media hacks are losing customers?

Anonymous said...

I also have a question for MSM.Since when is it a crime to vote for a conservative eh?And furthermore if everyone votes Left then whats the point of voting if those who vote right get scolded and chastised like we did something wrong?
We havent even giving Harper a majority and you people are foaming at the mouth like its the end of the world!Yeesh,back off the 2012 kool aid will ya?


CanadianSense said...

The Liberals are so eager to return to work, they will wait three more weeks before cancelling their extended Christmas break.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Liberal website for Iggy's Biography because as I read it I was laughing how it starts in 1965 for Canada and then it ends in 1968. The next Bio skips-over any link to him living in the USA for 25 years+ before his Victory Return.
The Bio also avoids his comments about Hezbollah and Torture,plus it purged of his 2008 Coup-Scam by the 3-Stooges who refused to accept canada's Democratic Election system where all 3-Stooges didn't win (and Ergo...Canadian's must be too stupid to be trusted with Elections).

Things must be pretty bad when I hear Paul Martin praising Iggy on the Radio.

wilson said...

CTVnewsnet is running 'something Liberal' every 15 minutes.
I forgot to watch to see if Iffy stopped that lizard thing with his tongue.
And a clip of Flaherty, 7 words!
And every breth Iffy takes will be reported by Susan Delacourt....shudder

The media surge is on, and it is sooooooooooo obvious.

I think PMSH has been here before, numerous times.
Bring on the election

frmgrl said...

I can't stand our corrupt media anymore! You can't believe a word they say.

wilson said...

Update on the not so national protest rallies:

nothing yet for PEI Nfl NB SK MB AB (6 out of 10 provinces not participating)
but Ontario 11 spots, and one each for BC Que NS

No surprise that Ontario has 11 rallies planned, and the rest of Canada (including Quebec) has 3.

Makes yah wonder why those Lib MPs can't muster up much interest outside of Ontario.

I wonder how the Toronto Star, G&M and CBC are divying up the coverage?
where oh where will kady go?
And maybe we get to see if Wherry is as short as his pics look.

If there is a mock funeral for democracy, will Coyne be driving the hearse?
Fun for all.

wilson said...

Breaking news!!!
Iffy answers the question,
even Wherry is not impressed:

'Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff won’t rule out proroguing Parliament if he were prime minister, but says he wouldn’t use it as a way out when the going gets tough. “Prorogation is part of our constitutional system, but to use it every time you’re in a tight spot seems to me a flagrant abuse of a constitutional power,” Mr. Ignatieff said this morning after speaking with Nova Scotia Community College students in Dartmouth.'

Jen said...

Anyone from the MSM listening?

NO, NONE, AA, and they don't need too either. Face it, if we had FOX then it would have been a different story especially after FOX CANADA rips the national media to shreds. then and only would the national media change their tune.

That is why the media are desparately trying to bring the prime minister for that very reason to protect themselves from you.

The national media protects and support everything the liberals did to canadians from:
corruption adscam, thievery, EI scandal, support for terrorist groups and so on even the when the liberals prorogued parliament.

The hatred for the prime minister is so blatant that they would anything even it is to take down their country just to bring down the prime minister- never mind what the PM did for canada. that don't count.

It is the media, liberals and coalition, against you.

AA, Ann Coulter will be coming to canada and one of her stops is CALGARY.

Anonymous said...

Just heard on the new (Victoria, B.C.) that neither the NDP nor the Bloc have given ANY indication that they will return to parliament Jan. 25th --looks like Iggy and company are on their own!!