Thursday, January 21, 2010

Which has it been? Responsible Government or Responsible opposition?

Since the 2008 election has Canada had a more responsible government or a more responsible opposition?

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This may very well be the real ballot question the next time we go to the polls so choose wisely.


I will not vote in my own poll but if I was going to I think the choice would be an easy one to make. When you compare and the performance of the Harper Government over that of the Ignatieff led official opposition it is a slam dunk. The Government has been much more responsible and wins hands down.

Be it on various policy, the military, trade relations, response to crisis such as the earthquake in Haiti or even our recent financial turmoil, this government has provided to Canadians a responsible government capable of compromise while the official opposition has offered up nothing other than lots of yelling to the cameras and smear.

You may not agree with everything this government has done, but most should agree that they have ran an effective government.

Being the opposition means contributing just as much as it means opposing and so far the official opposition Liberals have been a complete failure on half of that equation and their leader somehow is proud enough about this to even brag about how his Liberals have offered up nothing constructive.

Ignatieff's quote at the end of this video says it all on his leadership.

"I am the leader of the opposition. I have no position to clarify."

Here is a little something the grits should really think about. Mr. Ignatieff first has to prove that he is even capable of running the opposition in a responsible manner before he will ever be chosen by the people of Canada to be our PM, and unless that happens the Liberals are only buying time until the next leadership convention.

h/t Canadian Sense , Nobody likes Ignatieff.


Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

The Liberals are never held to a higher moral ground, the media will do back flips to help secure a positive image for them.
It is never about accomplishments, it is always about good intentions with the MSM.

bocanut said...

Having the Count who brags about never personally owning any financial investments lecturing Canadians about economics is laughable

Jen said...

For a guy like IGNATIEFF to stand on PARLIAMENT HILL and tell his Lame Media reporters in his own words "I have no intentions of wearing the recession on my shoulders" to then walk away showed canadians, that the LPOC cannot handle 'crisis' they run away from they did stay with their canadians through the recession. Instead they want to reap the rewards no work done.
This is the LPOC party the National Media adores, protects from harm, bashing or insults.

During the recession, a liberal mp tells the poor "I feel your pain" yet not a single of the $40million which the liberals still owe us was return yet again the libs feel your pain.

- the crisis they see and feel is theirs only.
- the pain which the feel is that they are bankrupt and need more money for themselves.

We canadians are nothing to them never had been for the past 16years while the LPOC where in government and most of all the NM lied to you and still do about the LPOC corruption.

CanadianSense said...

I am happy you found my annotation on Iffy's job.

I can not remember in my lifetime a politician unwilling to help, consult or offer alternatives as the official oppposition leader. Friggan arrogance and stupidity rolled into one.

Canadians need a reason to vote for you! Bashing without a credible alternative is the act of a desperate political party trying to avoid Janine Krieber's prediction. Dion at least had some ideas (wrong, boneheaded, at least he had a vision he shared)

Ardvark said...

The Liberals have offered nothing, even when directly asked for input by the PM, but that will not stop them from claiming that the PM can't compromise or work with others.

Anonymous said...

Responsible opposition is not a term that comes to mind when you think of the Liberals. They do not know how to do their job and are quick to throw mud on everything and anyone including former Liberal governments.

Hinchey's Store said...

I know that the Opposition is generally out to score points to make themselves look better than the Government - it goes back to, 'If we can make them look bad, we'll automatically look good in comparison.'

Sadly, that idea hasn't worked for the Liberals/NDP/Bloc, because they haven't provided any sort of viable alternative to what they're complaining about.

And for once, wouldn't it be nice to hear someone from the Opposition be complimentary of something the Government proposes? Without throwing in a criticism to cancel it out? Or is that asking too much, because nobody agrees with the Neanderthal Conservatives? 'Ewww, they're icky!' (sarcasm off)