Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Liberals are back to work in Ottawa.

That is if the following is what you would call working.

Liberal MP Gerry Byrne believes the federal government should investigate whether the pieing of Fisheries Minister Gail Shea by a woman opposed to the seal hunt constitutes an act of terrorism.

A crime yes, but terrorism?

Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj is livid about Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s trip to Poland this week. Referring to the minister’s visit to Auschwitz as a “jaunt,” the Toronto MP says Mr. Kenney should be here, or in Haiti, dealing with the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.

Wrzesnewskyj 'jaunt" comment coming after comments made the previous day by Liberals such as Marlene Jennings defending MP's and Senators trips during the prorogation:"These are not junkets, they really aren't," she said. "When I first came in I did a few of these trips and believe me, we work. There is research that is done, there are documents that are produced, with recommendations and results and legislation. So we're working and believe me, they've got us going from early in the morning until fairly late in the evening." and Liberal MP and deputy whip Marcel Proulx who said: "I think it's the media's role to help us make people understand that because Parliament has been prorogued, it doesn't mean that Parliamentarians, whether they be Members of Parliament or whether they be Senators, we're not going to sit at home and wait until March 3, so we can come to Ottawa and sit in the House. It's a 12-month a year business. People know that we're continuing to work."

(Sorry Marcel, but you can't expect the media to tell the people the truth that work continues even during a prorogation after they have spent weeks telling everyone the opposite. Hey come to think of it Marcel, isn't your leader essentially telling that same lie?)

Welcome back Liberals. Keep up the good "work".


CanadianSense said...

The Liberals, NDP with the media have treated Canadians as stupid and distorted the prorogue for political gain.

You noted they have NOT been interested in doing their entire job in providing ideas or alternatives through opposition days.

They have adopted the NDP fringe party tactics of using props and publicity stunts undermining the government.

Anonymous said...

The ultimate in hipocrisy.
I get more sense out of my grandkids then this bunch of misfits. Just who do they think they're fooling?
MSM is complicit in this as well. The G&M and CBC are the right-hand of the Libs.

Sandy said...

AA -- Could you send me the code for the BT slider? The one I have doesn't work on wordpress.com so I'm hoping the one you have will.


Anonymous said...

I am glad Kenney is going to Auschwitz for the 65th commeration. Recently as we all know the sign "Arbeit Macht Frei" was stolen and then recovered, as were some blueprints apparently. Anti-semitism is rising all over the world.

Come on Liberals, show some class and sense of decency for a change.

Anonymous said...

The Liberals are back to work in Ottawa?

So what? The Conservatives never left!

Ardvark said...

The Liberals are back to work doing the business of the Liberal Party of Canada while the conservatives continue doing the work of government for the people.

wilson said...

Iffy is playing House,
while your Prime Minister is on the world stage, speaking to 2500 guests from around the world:

''Davos, Switzerland,...political elite gather at the World Economic Forum.
It’s a pretty exclusive event – by invitation only.

“Improve the State of the World: Rethink, Redesign and Rebuild.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is leaving tonight for the forum, where he will be SPEAKING Thursday....''

A few other Canadians have been invited, Flaherty and Van Loan....but NOT Iffy!


maryT said...

I read somewhere that Scott Bison is going to Davos, is he invited or crashing the party.
And who from the media will be going, to diss whatever the PM does or says.

Anonymous said...

Since the count for the protesters at the various rallies included all men, women and children then a turnout of 22,000 out of 33,000,000 plus people in Canada can be called a dismal flop .
As well remember some of those people at the rallies were curiosity seekers and not protesters.
Spread 22000 across Canada is not that overwhelming either.

wilson said...

PMSH at Davos

Global Governance Redesigned


Anonymous said...

The Igneutered One is like a shadow boxer. He vainly attempts to run a shadow government and a shadow cabinet, and disappears when the real boxer returns to the ring. While the PM has prorogued this SEVENTEEN WORKING DAYS (not counting weekends and the mutually agreed upon Olympic break) the Leftist collaborators of media and coalitionists should catch their breath and reorganize. The Canadian votership has the ability to think independently of any more biased projections and conveyances.

Ardvark said...

What ever "anger" that may have been there with the uninformed peeked before the actual first sitting day was lost to prorogation.

Thanks mainly to the MSM, with their over the top coverage of the parliamentary procedure known as prorogation, the fickle public has already grown tired of it. The oppositions antics are not helping either.

The PM speaking @ Davos? I thought the Liberals said he and his government were on vacation or jaunting off to Europe. ;)

Rich said...

My question is not so much to the Lib MP's that try to play political games against the government, but to prominent main stream media personalities that print a story with out checking facts before hand. Maybe this type or reporting will stop when the newspaper or television station and reporters face a massive libelous law suit. The author of this report in the G&M should be fired forthwith