Monday, January 18, 2010

Conservatives WIN "in and out" election financing case.

The headline says it all.

From the CBC:

UPDATED: CPC vs. Elections Canada: Okay, this time, it actually is a sweeping victory ...

A decision was issued this morning by the Honourable Luc Martineau of the Federal Court in file T-838-07:

IN THE MATTER OF L.G. Callaghan and the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada


Following the hearing held in November 2009, the Court has set aside the Chief Electoral Officer's decision to refuse to certify the advertising expenses claimed by the two applicants in relation to their campaigns' share of a Regional Media Buy (RMB) program organized by the Conservative Party of Canada during the 39th general election, which took place on January 23, 2006. The Court has determined that the claimed advertising expenses were incurred by the applicants and has ordered the Chief Electoral Officer to provide the Receiver General of Canada with a new certificate.

A copy of the decision can be obtained via the Web site of the Federal Court:

Update: What it all means from Stephen Taylor.


maryT said...

Kady must have cringed having to blog that fact.

Jeff said...

Five posts on Blogging Tories about this already. Much high-fiving at CPC HQ this morning to be sure.

TangoJuliette said...

O Jeff !

High fiving? At Tory HQ? Over this court decision? No. Say it ain't so.

In fact, we're all decked out in our spiffy black crepe and appropriate mourning attire, ash smudges on our faces, mirrors and photos shrouded, our garments rent, in a further show of grief and mourning.

We take no joy, nor delight, in seeing that the Librano crew are still the only party found "guilty" of financial malfeasance in Adscam and SponsorshipGate, nor do we delight that the MSM has [again, on yet another issue of trying to undermine the Conservatives] got egg on its colective mug - or, wait, is that or is that not actually puffin poop, not egg?

We are just all so broken up that the clapped out clowns of ethically-feeble yet malignantly-malicious opposition, who delight in hurling invectives and calumny, are yet again proven to be wrong. Wrong, and caught again, in the most vile of falsehoods.

There is no joy in Muddville.

O! Wait. The Tory band of merry pranksters do not reside in Muddville. That's the home address of the Grits tht tried to steal Christmas.

No Jeff. You're right. There is in fact some slight measure of a sense of vindication.

CAUTION: Do not hold your breath waiting for coverage of this judgement, commensurate to the MSM garotting at the time these falsehoods were broadcast, and recirculated time and time, news cycle after news cycle. You don't want to end up cyanotic, you know> Ypou might end up matching the colour of the PM's much ;ovedsleeveless V-Neck, which offends the 'Proggie"
Gang ever so much. Do, however watch carefully at how the dancing continues, as more erroneuosu and artificial crises continue to be manufactured.
O me,
O my,
the Libs are still out of power,
I think they're gonna die.


t.e. & o.e.

maryT said...

What ever happened to that guy that lead the raid on conservative headquarters, camera crew waiting.

maryT said...

And will the cbc apologize for being hoodwinked.

Jen said...

maryT said...
And will the cbc apologize for being hoodwinked.

UH!!! the corrupt broadcasting coorparation have no use for canadians , except for the liberals and liberals alone.
Apology is not their style.
This is the very reason why canadians do need another media like FOX, to bury the CBC and CTV in shame.

Jen said...

AA, make sure that you keep in file the court rulings and transcrips which led to their decision, also the date, and time.

Anonymous said...

Good. Now that this is cleared up, Elections Canada will now investigate the Liberal debt dead beats. Yah, right. ;)

--Alberta Bob--

Ardvark said...

Jeff, I guess we all got the call from the PM @ the same time.

CanadianSense said...

Maybe they can ask the LPOC to repay the GST overpayments, the leadership loans from 2006.

In two weeks the fourth quarter results will be available online through elections Canada website.

This is good news that this government did not operate in an inappropriae fashion.

Anonymous said...

Time and time again Steven Harper and the Conservatives are proven to have acted for the best interests of Canada, leaving their shrill opponents to wallow in their own muck.

Patrick Ross said...

I can't say I'm in full agreement on this.

I still believe that local elections expenditure should benefit the local candidate.

Clearly, there is some benefit to the local candidate via the harnessing of party brand identity.

Then again, I'd be satisfied with this in future if they just added a "local candidate" banner at the conclusion of the ad.