Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Globe and Mail, just like Ignatieff, supported prorogation in 2008

But today, not so much.

Norman Spectator has some thoughts about why the Globe is wrong today but was right back in 2008.

Without the legal power of the PM to prorogue, we would have had a coalition government. Not for long mind you, as it would have torn this country apart and we would now have a HUGE conservative majority as a result, but it would have happened had the PM not done what was best for the country at that time.

That my friends is just one reason why we should not go around messing with these powers just because some are not that fond of the guy who currently holds that power.

It saved us once and it may save us again. Think about that for awhile before you go out and try to screw it up forever.


Anonymous said...

That was the best defense of prorogation I have read. Thank you.

Ardvark said...

Your welcome =)

I know there are lots of people who will disagree with me, but I believe that when the PM prorogued in 2008 he saved the country from irreversible damage.

wilson said...

Progrogation saved the LPC,
but the damage done by that 10 day Liberal adventure, has yet to be exploited.

what's wrong with this picture?

'Have not' province, Quebec,
does not have to cut spending or raise taxes to balacne their books...'Have' province, Alberta, has to.

Anonymous said...


There IS something very wrong with the picture. Albertans have given until it hurts. Now that the Wildrose Alliance has pushed Stelmach back toward conservative values and away from the obsequious fawning over the wishes of Quebec and Ontario that hurting is about to stop.

The_Iceman said...

This is creepy, they were just breaking news on the CBC that the body of former Liberal MP Serge Marcil was found amidst the wreckage in Haiti, and then they immediately cut away from that breaking news in Haiti to go live to the Ignatieff speech. Ironic how these two breaking news stories emerged at the exact same time, and the CBC cut away from dead Liberal in Haiti to go live to a speech by the current Liberal leader. Priorities.

tao_taier said...

Comment taken from:

Anonymous said...
I was disgusted by Jack Layton telling everyone at the rally to phone the Governor General to complain that parliament is postponed for 17 days while she is reeling under the devastation to Haiti and the deaths of many of her own family and friends.
Words fail me. It raised bile in my stomach and I felt sick at heart when he said that.

January 23, 2010 4:44 PM


Anonymous said...

I think it has been Canadians that are being used by the media during these rallies
our GG is Haitian
what does the media do they encourage rallies that state huge Canadian WHOPPERS
they show ordinary Canadians milling about making False statements such as the Government should get back to work
The Canadian Government is hard at work everyday including Sat and Sunday helping the Devastated people in the aftermath of this horrendous natural disaster the EARTHQUAKE
How does this look to the USA they are holding rallies to raise money for Haiti 24/7
Canada holds rallies to criticize our hard at work Government by misinforming Canadians and falsely accusing the Government of Canada of being on HOLIDAY