Friday, January 29, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Ottawa Senators.

5 new Senators were appointed today by PM Harper and Liberals everywhere cry into their cappuccinos.

Story here.

The appointments will now give the Conservatives a plurality of votes in the Senate and allow them to gain greater control over Senate committees. ( See, there was a legitimate reason to prorogue and it was to make the Senate, to borrow a term from the anti-prorogue crowd, more democratic.)

The appointments of former Ontario provincial cabinet minister Bob Runciman, Quebec victims rights advocate Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, Ontario businessman Vim Kochhar and former Newfoundland and Labrador member of the House Assembly Elizabeth Marshall are effective immediately.

They will be joined on Feb. 28 by Rose-May Poirier, a member of New Brunswick’s Legislative Assembly.

Update: From a tip in the comments from Sammy :
One of Canada’s newest senators — Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu will be donating his $132,300 a year salary to the charity he founded, The Murdered or Missing persons Families Association.

Though I suspect the Harper haters will ignore this bit of information and continue their fake outrage on the Senate appointments, IMHO it looks like the PM was on the ball with his choice of Boisvenu.


wilson said...

All excellent choices with lots of government experience.
(everyone of them 100 times more experienced than Iffy)

When those bills stopped/amended in the Senate go back to the Senate committees,
the Cons plurality should be able to fast track them!!!!

maryT said...

I almost fell off my chair when Rosemarie Barton said, in reply to Iggy's comments, that liberals always nominated liberals, and she and the hostess laughed about it.
Then, a reporter asked Iggy why his govt didn't do anything about Khdar when they were in power. If the govt abused that POS it was the liberals.
Twice in about 20 minutes, Iggy called on the carpet by cbc women. guess they didn't get the memo re women will fall all over him and he can do no wrong.

Ardvark said...

Dealing with the Haiti crisis in an effective way and receiving praise world wide for doing so, giving a great a great speech in Davos , making the Senate more democratic, writing a budget, and no doubt doing a few other things we have yet to hear about. Who said nothing gets done if Parliament prorogues?

Anonymous said...

The PM deserves this after the shit-kicking he's taken of late by the lefty media types.
Be glad for the PM and give him his dues today and to hell with Mr. Ignatieff

wilson said...

Exactly AA, and those are the things that come to mind, when in the voting booth,
not when a polster calls.

ps, do you sense a shift in mood today?
The opps at the point of over playing their hand, trying to fill a mnedia vacuum...?

Calgary Junkie said...

MaryT: "Twice in about 20 minutes, Iggy called on the carpet by cbc women. "

Yesterday, Rosemarie Barton reported on Harper's announcement in Davos re helping disadvantaged women and children.

I was watching her closely, and there was a sympathetic look on her face, that I've never seen on her before ! Could it be that Harper's move will resonate with the women demographic ? Only time will tell.

The_Iceman said...

I don't see Elizabeth May's name...

maryT said...

She must be devastated, but there are other openings coming before year end and a total of 14 by the end of 2012.
I think that deadline is what is scaring the liberals, with all their faux outrage of the past couple of weeks. They need a coalition before then. Then, when they fill those seats we can bring all the comments of today back to haunt them.

Calgary Junkie said...

1. Runciman’s exit exposes Hudak’s right flank

"His elevation to the Senate is a smart tactical move by Stephen Harper."

2. Elizabeth (Beth) Marshall represents the riding of Topsail in NFLD.

3. Rose-May Poirier is a Member of Legislative Assembly in New Brunswick representing the people of Rogersville-Kouchibouguac.

So. Three provincial by-elections on the horizon. Testing the mid-term popularities of McGuinty (and Hudak), Dany Williams and Shawn Graham.

Is this a Harper playing chess, looking many moves ahead ?

Ardvark said...

The MSM have done just everything possible to help Ignatieff out and he still refuses to do what they want and go to the polls. I think the even the MSM has realized that Iggy really is a dud.

Iceman, you have to wait until the coalition usurps power before you will ever see May in the Senate.

maryT said...

So, with 3 provincial by-elections in the near future, guess no Federal election on the horizon.

maryT said...

Iggy is having a bad time, he says ok, now he has his Senate, what has he done about it.
Wait till March 3 iggy, and find out. All those crime bills will come back and be passed. The PM knew the libs would never pass them if they come up. Is it true that the libs have controlled the senate for 42 years, no wonder they are upset. How many laws have they refused to pass, or made amendments to in those years.
And think of the outrage if it had been a PC senator who lived the life of riley in Mexico for many years, on our dime.

maryT said...

And not a word anywhere about the 2 Jet fighters that accompanied the PM out of Swiss air space, as a token of appreciation.
Iggy saying on ctv, I am ashamed to be a canadian. Well, go back to the USA. He joins good company of those embarrassed to be canadian.
And where is his little IRuby, who is supposed to be at work in Ottawa, why she is in India attending some dinner. He said all his mps would be there, should we call him a liar.

Sammy said...

AA,did you see story,that new Sen.from Que is DONATING his whole salary to his charity.That should please the Dippers!...or not.
Iggy gets more free air on Sun.Giggles announced he will be on QP for some more lizard-lip-licking .

Ardvark said...

Ignatieff is on Question Period so often he should start getting a co-host credit.

I missed that bit about the new Senator donating his salary, but I doubt the Harper haters will even care.

Patrick Ross said...

I think Bob Runciman would have served Senate Reform better in Queen's Park, personally.

Still, he's a good choice, and the rest of them -- excellent. Just excellent.

Anonymous said...

How does one find out who their senator is?

maryT said...

I suppose you have heard the Mr Iggy has come up with a 12 step program to reform the senate. Has anyone ever heard of term limits before his announcement today. What a concept.
Too bad Preston Manning never thought of term limits.