Monday, February 01, 2010

Will the "it's an attack on democracy" opposition do the democratic thing?

After all the yelling and playing outraged for the cameras is over and everyone is back to work, will the opposition parties do the democratic thing and vote unanimously to bring back any Bills that may have been stopped due to prorogation?

I would think the answer would be an obvious yes considering that the stoppage of Bills is one of the things that they claim to be so outraged over and is a major talking point, but as we all know, what the opposition says and what they actually do are often 2 very different things.

Will the Bloc and the NDP make Parliament work by voting to unanimously bring back bills that they may have originally voted against?

Will the Liberal position change yet again?

Will the MSM even notice?

We have to wait and see but it should be interesting to watch and see if the opposition actually practices what they have been preaching for the last month or if it really was nothing more than grandstanding.


hatrock said...

Good point Ard. It's quite uncommon and poor protocol not to allow bills to be introduced. If the MSM doesn't pick up on that (i.e. Kady O'Malley) then Canadians should be very concerned that democracy isn't allowed due course.

maryT said...

And what will the lib senators do, vote to pass all stalled bills, that prorogation denied them to opportunity to pass, or show their true colours and vote against them.
I wonder if the media and liberals have thought of how stupid they will look if they refuse to allow said bills to be re-introduced. Liars come to mind.
And what is going on in Goodale's office in Regina, meeting with the ndp to make plans.

Ardvark said...

They have 2 choices. Pass them and essentially prove that the prorogation had negligible effects, or let them die and prove that all of their bluster was just that, bluster.

The only downside I see is that the MSM will not call them on it if they choose option 2.

Jeff said...

To ask the question if the MSM will notice is to grant that they truly want to be objective. They don't. Their agenda is undermine the Conservatives -- period.

As Kate says, this is why we despise you.

skuleman said...

No, because when they voted for the bills they did so knowing they could and would trash them in the Senate. Now with the reorganization of the Senate committees, they've lost that power.
The Senate's primary focus has been ensuring nothing got through that could be considered an accomplishment by the CPC government. That option is probably gone now.

CanadianSense said...

I have read earlier Bob Rae has stated the Bills will NOT get a free ride back as a penalty for the use of prorogue by our PM.

Agreed our media will ignore the hypocrisy of the coalition parties in crying foul of dying bills and than their flip flop in refusing to bring them back.

It won't be the first time the MSM refuses to report the blowing and sucking @ the same time from the opposition parties.

wilson said...

Goodale and Jennings were key negotiators for the Coalition of Losers, so maybe Ralphie is back on the job....?

wilson said...

Decisions decisions, Liberals always play for short term gain,
now what Iffy?

And it is the Government that decides which and the order bills get re-introduced.

Bills that passed the House and reached the Senate, as I understand, stay in the Senate but have to start over, in new committees, and with no amendments!

Jen said...

Will the MSM even notice?

HA! HA! HA! HA! You're kidding,right?
We do not have a DEMOCRATIC MEDIA-this, we have notice.
FOX is my news center-I like Glenn Beck, not one pundit or national canadian television media can hold a candle to Glenn when it comes to reporting.

gimbol said...

There are always certain cues to the media/liberal talking points where the punditry feeds lines to the liberals and vis versa.
The one I'm expecting to see before the end of the week is the possibility of an election.
If the media polls are reported as being favourable to liberals the line will be "how will Harper save his government?" if the polls show the liberal fortunes going south, the talking point fed to the liberals will be "unneccessary election".