Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ignatieff says he is not going to play ideological games with the rights of women.

Unless those rights are being abused away by a "certain" religion, then all bets are off and the ideological games continue for the Liberals.

Mr. I am in politics to unite and not divide reaches deep into his big bag of Liberal tricks and games and pulls out the abortion card.

Absolutely pathetic scaremongering. I guess this is what Donolo brings to the party.

Update: Ignatieff and the Liberals Epic Failure with their divisive politics.


jad said...

In the parts of the developing world where I have had the opportunity to go, abortion was never an issue. Either because of religious or cultural reasons it was simply unacceptable.

For instance in most of Asia, children are universally seen as a blessing, unlike the Western world.
In recent years, China is about the only place that has tried to control its population, but for most other countries, a large family is a form of insurance that there will be someone to take care of the parents in their old age.

Buddhists, Hindus and Moslems all condemn abortion except in rare cases where it is required to save the life of the mother. When you add in Catholics, that would pretty well cover all the third world religions, so who exactly is Mr. Ignatieff preaching to here ? It couldn't be the domestic market, could it ???

Ardvark said...

Iggy has had a press conference almost everyday for the last week and each night on the news I got to see what he said.

Today, nothing! The MSM is already covering for him.

Anonymous said...

Iffy is obviously trying to use the abortion issue domestically as a wedge issue with the Conservatives. Inserting the abortion discussion in the G7 meeting would undermine the ability of Harper to obtain a consensus from the G7 countries. Is this what Iffy is trying to do? Derail the G7 talks? It wouldn't surprise me. I suspect Harper will ignore him and the ball will be back in Iffy's court. Would he say that a Liberal government would put forward legisltation to approve abortion in Canada. The abortion debate could cause a rebellion within his own caucus. It would look good on Iffy if it happened.

Bec said...

Interesting thoughts anony @ 5:59 pm.

Whatever his motivation, it is so last century and the rights of the pro lifers to demonstrate and speak out has been severely undermined by HIS side for years.They fight every day to be heard.

This guy could care a less about this issue but he has no real policies and expected to be doing his famous scowl in QP thus it is obvious his ranting dated female MP's have slipped him the pink book to get him by in the interim.

The slime oozing from this party never ceases to amaze me.I am gobsmacked by this one.

R. G. Harvie said...

I'm pro-choice.

I'm against abortion, but would not presume to let my moral beliefs be imposed upon others.

However.. I am amazed how "funding" to begin with is equated with "choice".

There was a time when women could not vote. When that was changed, I don't recall a follow-up demand that refusing to pay for transportation to a polling station took away their "choice".

"Choice" does not equate with "Make another person responsible for exercising that choice."

maryT said...

This might be the time to dig out a letter I received many years ago from a Liberal Justice Minister, on House of Commons letterhead,
"Under no circumstances will a liberal government ever allow abortion to be legal in Canada.

This was sent in regards to a letter I wrote when the Morgenthaler debate was going on.
So another lie by liberals past.

Soccermom said...


wilson said...

What the hell does abortion have to do with the universal needs of mothers and children for
-clean water
-proper nutrition
-delivery nurses

Does anyone see medical proceedures and facilities on that list?
And the agenda for the G8/20 meetings is NOT set by the opposition benches in Canada.

Iffy, you have no stroke.
But start up a Facebook protest, that is about your speed.
This is what Chretien did to Reform, it's all Donolo knows.

wilson said...

PMSHs article in the Star (gag)
about women and children health the focus of the G8/20


Bec said...

wilson @8:30pm
"This is what Chretien did to Reform, it's all Donolo knows."

Funny that! Exactly what has been going through my mind this evening. The MO is hauntingly familiar.

Jeff said...

I agree with Patrick O'Neil: Mr. Ignatieff has changed the channel from prorogation. I can hear Bugs Bunny saying, "What a maroon!"

Calgary Junkie said...

Iggy is making a lot of noise, for a guy who also says that he won't try and force an election.

In the last week he has drawn at least two lines in the sand:

1. "So yes, we will restore cuts to Status of Women Canada and we will restore it's equality mandate."

2. Child care is the "No. 1 social priority" of a Liberal government

So what if, in the Budget/Throne Speech, we get:

1. Flaherty cuts even MORE funding from Stataus of Women, and redirects it to the G8 Project on women and children's health.

2. Harper proposes legislation to limit the spending power of the federal government in areas of provincial responsibility (L. Ian Macdonald described this as Harper's big remaining card to play in Quebec)

How will the women's advocates and child care advocates feel about Iggy rolling over to those two Harper moves ?

Iggy is misplaying his hand big time. You can't follow up non-stop, over-the-top "evil Harper" rhetoric with folding your cards when Harper calls your bluff.

But let's see how this whole thing plays out.

Anonymous said...

Iggy says he will not play idealogical games?????

He is driving a socialist agenda - big government nanny state catering to noisy interest groups (which he wants to fund).

If that is not idealogical then what is it? Is it only idealogy if conservatives hold a certain position ?
How stupid does the leader of the Liberal party Peter Donolo, er, I mean Bob Rae, er Imean Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe er I mean Mr. I-Brows Ignatieff think we are?

Anonymous said...

Did anybody ask Haiti what they want?

Funny, it seems lefties 'round the world always complain about Bush's unilateralism.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, not just Haiti but any undeveloped country, the focus seems to be on Haiti for obvious reasons.