Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ignatieff muzzling Liberal candidates.

How else can you explain this?

Heat? From whom? The 'misquoting media' or from the OLO?

Background. The Original story in the so called "international newspaper".

I wonder if the author, Sebastian Fest, has an audio recording of that interview? If he does and would like to clear things up, I would be more than happy to post that audio on this blog to get his side out to Canadians.



Ardvark said...

"A candidate for the Liberal Party, which leads the opposition in Canada, the snowboarder was recently invited to dinner at the home of the party's leader, the historian and political scientist Michael Ignatieff."

Since when is Iffy a political scientist?

And is it true Ross raved about Zsuzsanna's 'special brownies they had for dessert? Nosy aardvarks want to know.

Gotta love the blogs.

Anonymous said...

Please don't dump on Ross Rebagliati - he is going to be a guest speaker at the Liberal Party of Canada "Thinkers Conference" in March. There is probably a constituency for these ideas and his opinions shouldn't be stifled. Ignatieff should be grateful for the attention on a week dominated by the Olympics. The more international press the better. Cheers, FernStAlbert

CanadianSense said...

I think he would make an excellent deputy leader for the LPC.

Well grounded and personable.

Anonymous said...

Ross will be found out back by the fire doors smoking...........??????

greyburr said...

Man I would loved to have been at Iggys dinner party for Ross.Memorys of Cheech & Chong,Up in Smoke.: Ross:Harper is disconnected from society man,only an arrogant man can play the beatles on the piano wearing a tuxedo man. Iggy:Dear God almighty me....I think he is the antichrist.

CanadianSense said...

the funniest part he was not wearing a tux either, must have been a blurry vision....

Bec said...

From Wiki;
Profession: Author

What's UP with that...NO Political Scientist? Did ripped Ross fabricate some more of the story?
Why certainly, ask Jane as she jumps to his defense.

These people haven't a moral ounce of truth. It's BS and spin all of the time.

Jen said...

'These people haven't a moral ounce of truth. It's BS and spin all of the time.'

That's correct Bec, only spin is what the liberals and their media have left.

We know there are 'facts' to the liberals corruption and strangely enough Ignatieff supports the very party with those facts.

Many authors will review Ignatieff's books to verify if the facts are actually true or far-fetch