Friday, February 12, 2010

Time for an Olympic break?

Today athletes from all over the world will gather in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and I intend to catch as much of it as possible over the next 2 weeks. It is the time for Canada to shine and to let the world know that our athletes and our country are second to none; and as the host nation it should also be the time where we put politics aside for a period and support our athletes and our nation.

So with that in mind I am going to be taking a little break from the political blogging world and enjoy as much of the Olympics as possible. *

*That is if the Liberals can stop playing partisan political games for the next 2 weeks. Because I will still call your BS when I see it even if I have to miss watching a luge run to do so.

What do you think. Do the Liberals have enough class not to play cheap political games during the Olympics?


Anonymous said...

Iggy's request to the BC MLA's was extraordinarily tacky. The one time the BC legislature doesn't want to play partisan politics is the one time Iggy demands them to do his dirty work.

To their credit the BC politicians didn't listen to him.They went further;They told Iggy to stuff it. Good for them!

Bec said...

Don't dismiss the NDP especially after the lock and run antics of darling Libby.

Did you catch the comment by TraceyC @ Stephen Taylor's? IT pretty much clears up what we all have concluded.

Hinchey's Store said...

I seriously doubt that there won't be any partisan shots during the next two weeks.

Politicians of all stripes want to 'own the podium.' The Liberals are no different, they just won't be trying to break any world records in doing so. Watch for any opportunity for smear - and don't be surprised when it happens...

Ardvark said...

I see some lefties managed to disrupt the torch rely today.

You would think that the lefties would be very supportive of the Olympics with its kumbaya vibe of having the world meet on the field of sport rather than the field of battle, but the narrow-mindedness of lefties when they have a chance to get on camera should not surprise anyone.

Bec said...

Do you think the 'Lefties' SHUT UP or use Ductape when the National Anthem is sung? In particular the part that embraces, "We stand on Guard for Thee"?

I do. I don't think they really care about their country. I think they care about THEMSELVES.

maryT said...

They left the veterans waiting in vain today, hope they think they were getting attention. And, wasn't the man carrying the Torch during this episode a homeless man from the street, who is well respected in that area.
Any news on the protesters gathering for the opening ceremonies.