Saturday, February 06, 2010

My evil plan.

Step 1. Get up early in the morning.

Step 2. Invite my American neighbour over for an all night poker game.

Step 3. Once the game is over call up my MP and have him bring over some Subway sandwiches while we chat.

Step 4. File a 10 million dollar lawsuit against the Government of Canada for violating my rights.

Have a good weekend everyone, and say a little prayer for Jack Layton if you are so inclined.


Bec said...

Thanks, Liberals!

God help us if this leeching family ever gets their hands on 10 million dollars.
Wanna bet that the entire amount would be sent as tithing to their almighty Bin Laden?

I'm going to be sick!

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

Should omar be awarded this, or any, sum of money, the widow and children of the murdered medic should file a lien or action for compensation.

SAomething about "not being allowed to make/keep one penny as proceeds of an international criminal activity.



kursk said...

Pardon my French, but Fuck Omar Khadr, and the rest of his terrorist loving (and supporting) family.

If they get this money, mark my words, blood will flow.Canadians will not stand for it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder which Canadian lawyer, (non loyal Canadian sympathetic to the Taliban) will be representing Omar Khadr? Let’s see who steps forward to take the case.

Anonymous said...

CSIS should quietly make the Kadar family 'disappear'

maryT said...

If he wins his case the Judge should make the liberal party pay, they are the ones that supposedly violated his constitutional rights.
Where does it say in the constitution that as a canadian you have the right to kill a soldier while in a foreign country.
Or better yet, award him 1.00 and costs of the court case.

Remember, he was arrested under a liberal govt and left to rot for four years under the same govt.

How many millions have the liberals cost the taxpayer for so called torture.
Any news on that female that tried to con customs and get on a plane.