Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Structural Deficit.

Structural deficit. I got your structural deficit right here.

And here, and here and how could we forget this, which, while it won't add to the deficit, will add to the cost of just about everything you buy.

Hang on to your hats folks because Iggy, in true Liberal fashion, is after your money to make government even bigger and make your bank account smaller for programs that we will be paying for forever.


Jen said...

Kevin Libin: Wheat Board silence is golden


Jen said...

Hang on to your hats folks, because Iggy, in true Liberal fashion, is after your money to make government even bigger and make your bank account smaller.

Especially now that spokesperson for the coalition(Ignatieff) now has more mouths to feed. Layton wants huge businesses to pay higher taxes so that the little guy can live off the businesses high taxes leaving no alternative for those businesses to do but lay off employees.

Hugo Chavez needs the 'little guy' to keep him in power so he fills their heads with milk and honey from which only a trickle of the honey is given to them, meanwhile he fills his pockets with the rest of the honey(dough)
The perfect elements to which the liberals coalition have taken upon themselves to follow.
Also, the coalition has the National media to surport for the years of silence and good behaviour.

Here's the tune the liberals will sing again "the reason why we have to raise taxes and make serious cuts, is because, the conservatives left us with a huge deficit."

Ruth said...

Every time that Iggy finds a mic and spouts off about the "deficit that the Conservatives created", I wish someone would ask why it was the Liberals that wanted more spent on the stimulus program.
Why did they shout in QP every day about the H1N1 vaccine and spend more to get more vaccines.
I think we know who cause the deficit.

The_Iceman said...

Iran claims to be planning a major military operation for Feb 11. If that happens, you are likely to see a dramatic increase in the price of oil. In that case, many oil sands projects become profitable again, and we are back in black (in more ways than one)!

Predicting structural deficits assumes that you can predict the GDP for an economy very dependent on global resource prices for profitability.

Anonymous said...

Having Count Iggy opine about economics(he proudly boasted about not owning any type of investment vehicle) makes about as much sense as asking a turtle to lecture about nuclear physics.


Exiled Maritimer said...

He said the cost "depends where I am when we get into government"

Nursing home?

CanadianSense said...

Unfortunately our Liberal loving media will NOT report on how the Liberals did little or nothing on this and so many "priorities" when they were in power and the budget was in surplus.

The provincial governments will NOT allow the Federal government to dictate policy outside their jurisdiction. The $ 5 Billion "shiny bauble" they are throwing around is not a game changer for the provinces.
The provinces will take the money as per their discretion and tell Ottawa to stuff it!