Tuesday, February 09, 2010

McGuinty Prorogues. Media strangely silent.

Dalton McGuinty is proroguing the Ontario Legislature.

CTV: NOTHING up under it's politics category or on the main news page.

CBC: NOTHING under politics or on the main Canadian news page.

Ardvark: Not surprised at all.

This will make for an interesting case study on the media bias in this country and how 1 prorogation garners multiple stories over the period of months vs another prorogation story already bumped from the front pages after only hours.

Feb 12th update: Joanne has a post up on the subject with a few good links on the media coverage. NP. WFP The Squidzone.

McGuinty was not the only to prorogue recently, Ed Stelmach prorogued in Alberta as well.

Licia Corbella Calgary Herald Sun Feb 14th.


Jonathan D. Strong said...

what a farce, but why be surprised. the media has an agenda, it doesn't report. it advocates.

Jen said...

Now you know why we need another MEDIA besides the IRON CURTAIN(CBC)

It gets louder by the minute that the media supports only the LPOC and COALITION.
So, I suggest, lets put the liberals corruption from beginning til now on 'FACEBOOK' show it to the world.
We can't sit idly by and be told by the media,who what is going to run this country- no way.

UsualSuspect said...

McGuinty prorogues too? Who knew? I was going to ask you for a link but that would be silly.

Ardvark said...

I suggest for a link that you try facebook. There must already be an McGuinty anti-prorogation group up with at least 10,000 names by now ;)

maryT said...

I would invite you all to join NBtorygals fb page, I support the PM. She has posted lots of supposedly forgotten stuff, going back to Chretain, petrofina, even a video of Tommy Douglas being against PetroCan.
Re what is iggys sport, he says he is a fan of women's curling. Bet he said that to get the female vote, forgetting the women's team is from Alberta. And, looking at the hundreds of empty seats during the week of the Hearts in Ont, not a lot of fans in Ont, (except for the final)
Waiting for some reporter to comment on guards, in-out, take out and button.
We fans in the west plan to takeout the liberals in the next election.

Anonymous said...

Facebook group started.

Calgary Junkie said...

Okay, I joined that anti-McSlippery Facebook Group. It's at 16 members, so we've got our work cut out for us.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ignatieff,

Do not come near MY BABIES.

Ardvark said...

We just had a thrown speech in Alberta. Does that mean Premier Stelmach recently prorogued as well?

If so our democracy is in grave danger my friends. Grave danger! I am outraged.

Hey MSM; are you going to promote this Facebook group with as much space as you did with that last "grassroots" anti-prorogation group?

Media Fail!

maryT said...

And why was there no outrage over the fact that the BC legislature has been on holiday since November and will reconvene for 3 days then rest again till after the games.

Platty said...

I was just over checking out the non-partisan proroguing protest site on facebook. What a joke, the majority of the items are nothing more than PM Stephen Harper bashing posts.

And if you bring up the McGuinty prorogue, watch out, you will be soundly reminded that it is just not the same thing!

So the truth is now coming out over there, it is actually the Canadians against Conservative Proroguing Government site. Of course if you suggest this to them they will just tell you that you are being irrational.


CanadianSense said...


The Liberals had 5/88 in 2000 (last majority) and now 7/92 *transposed new seat added.

The West has done a great job in keeping the Liberals a pale shadow of a national alternative.

Ontario and Quebec left the Liberals in 2006 for the CPC and NDP.

With the Pro-Abortion stance from Iffy, it is unlikely the religious vote will return.

If we factor in the last bastions of the Liberals remain in Toronto, anglo Montreal their return to power is the media spinning the Narnia tale.

The NDP, Green vote would have to collapse back to the 2000 levels. Do you imagine the Greens polling less than 1% or the NDP polling under 9% in the next 12 months?

Jen said...

This has nothing to do with 'proroguing' parliament, this is another means like the wafergater etc to go after the Conservatives to bring them down why?
The media has a job to fulfil not only for the liberals and coalition but what's behind the liberals which the media has no choice but keep it quiet since they themselves surrender to all of it ignoring to tell you.
There are: HAMAS, AL-QAEDA, HEZBOLLAH TAMIL-LTTE-TIGERA, TALIBAN. These terrorist groups are supported by the OPPOSITION PARTIES and their media. They control the opposition parties and the media.
Why do you think the liberals ndp and bloc didn't bother to vote for the 'ANTI TERRORIST ACT BILL' is because the liberals were 'ordered' warned not to vote for the bill.

The Conservatives were the only party to vote for the bill.

Jen said...

why do you think the liberals ndp and their media are constantly on the PM over the Taliban detainees issue instead of rallying and protecting our troops and innocent afghans; is because, then support the taliban which the taliban knows that very well.
The same goes for the opposition chant for the release of OMAR KHADR.

The National Media show no respect for this nation. Instead, their respect lies fully on the OPPOSITION PARTIES.

Ardvark said...

Not 1 single word on this from Kady O'Malley who calls herself a "Hill reporter". Not 1 word!