Sunday, February 28, 2010

To whom it may concern....

To whom it may concern: Canada will be closed today for the duration of the Gold medal game for Men's Hockey. We will reopen in a limited capacity following the game and be back to full operation at the end of the closing ceremonies.

Thank you for your patience, and go Canada go!

A message from the Management.

update: GOLD! GOLD! GOLD!


NB Tory Gal said...

ahhh haaaa haaaa clever one...
..I hate to see the games close...when the flame goes...and it's back to normal...

Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

Our father, who art in Vancouver,
hockey be thy name.
Thy will be done,
GOLD to be WON on Ice as well in the stands.
Give us this day, our hockey sticks, and forgive us our penalties,
as we forgive those who crosscheck against us.
Lead us not into elimination, but deliver us to victory,in the name of the fans,
Canada, and the holy PUCK.

Sammy said...

I am lovin' how cbc has been demoted during this HUGE event,to doing phone interviews with bar patrons..and commenting from bars..and still hammering away on the 'outrage' over prorogation.

CanadianSense said...

Sweet game, I am going with the birthers and 9/11 conspiracy whacko's the team wanted to drag this in to overtime so CTV could make some extra money airing tv commercials.

maryT said...

Would anyone have paid any attention to the HofC if it had been in session these past two weeks. Smart move on the PM's decision. Noticed Layton was cheering from some bar in TO and waving a Canadian scarf.
Any body see Iggy today, with QP not on, did he get any mention, other than being absent from the scene.

maryT said...

I bet Layton wishes he had never pushed that lady's arm out of the way. That video is all over the blogs.

CanadianSense said...

Jack is a publicity hound, and this time he was busted for it.

Can you imagine our PM pushing someone's arm down to get his mug on national tv, knocking someone down or shoving them out of the way.

Oh wait a minute a Liberal PM did that a few years ago.