Monday, March 01, 2010

Jack Layton, 2 minutes for interference.

Compare and contrast.

While PM Harper was sitting in the stands with Wayne Gretzky cheering on our men's hockey team during the gold medal game at the Olympics, Jack Layton was in Gretzky's Bar in Toronto waiting for the camera to go live so he could get his face on national television; and he was not going to let anyone get in his way. As you can see from the following.

Another video. Look closely at everyone's eyes around Jack, they are looking at the televisions while Jack is looking at the camera. That kind of proves the NDP spin, that Layton was trying to see the TV, is nothing but BS doesn't it.

Stay classy Jack.

I was going to make a separate post on the Olympics but this is as good a place as anywhere to make a few comments.

Some praise and a few failures.


VANOC, well done. You managed to pull it all off in-spite of the weather problems and a temperamental hydraulic cauldron arm. (nice touch making light of it in the closing ceremonies)

CTV: while I am not normally full of praise for CTV I have to give credit where credit is due. CTV and the other partners did an outstanding job of covering the games from start to finish and your live coverage was an example to the world of the right way to do things. The only thing that might have made it all better would have been to provided a little bit more in-depth back coverage on our athletes as the American broadcaster NBC did so well with their athletes. Well done CTV,Rogers, TSN,and RDS.

Our athletes: What can I say; you made us all proud with your efforts and accomplishments. 14 gold medals was well beyond anything that we could have expected and you have made a nation proud. You did own the podium!

The Canadian public: What can I say; the enthusiasm and patriotism shown for the games and our athletes deserves full marks, I only hope that this spirit will last longer than the 17 days the games did. We have a lot to be proud of and there is nothing wrong with being proud of this fact.

PM Harper: Thank you for proroguing Parliament and allowing Canadians to enjoy the games without all of the nonsense in Ottawa distracting us on a daily basis. Sure some are going to jump on me for saying this but the country really was better off because of it.


The Olympic protesters: A big fail. You took advantage of what this country offers and abused it by breaking windows and other such nonsense. Thankfully it was short lived.

CBC and all the other negative Nellie's who were quick to jump all over the games and our early performance. Peter Mansbridge complaining about not being able to show footage from the games after the CBC had done the same thing for years was the height of hypocrisy and the continued 'all negative all of the time' coverage that the CBC is known for did nothing but harm their reputation. As for all of those mocking the "own the podium" program long before the results were known, you are pathetic, and while I don't expect any of you to admit you were wrong and apologize, it might be nice if the next time you would wait until the results were known before going all negative. (like that will ever happen)

Jack Layton: see above.

While this is not a real fail, I think Loblaws/Superstore might want to re-think promoting their "blue menu" product by tying it to, and claiming it, as a reason for the success of a particular group of athletes when that group of athletes were shut out of the medals. You can't have it both ways here, if you want to claim the product was responsible for the success it must also be responsible for the lack of it as well; but we are Canadian after all so I won't rub it in.

Speaking of corporate sponsorship and advertising, if some company does not jump at the opportunity to get our ice dance team of Virtue and Moir to promote their company they are fools. These 2 are golden in more ways than one and they should be lining up to get these 2 to represent their company.

Updated: Proof positive that some people will believe anything.


Hinchey's Store said...

Hey AA - I'll be the first to admit that I was getting a little down about Own The Podium, because it looked a bit like we were renting it from other countries for a while - until I heard after week one that we were supposed to get a bunch of medals in the second week - and WOW about all of the golds that ended up being! I think it's natural to start getting a little down (but not on the athletes, just the whole expectation) when all the hype is looking like just that - hype.
Boy was I wrong!

I also REALLY agree with your Blue Menu comments - I've been laughing at that ad for days now!

Hinchey's Store said...


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine how the crowd would have reacted if Stompen Tom Conners sang his Hockey Song at closing ceremony.

Renegade Conservative said...

At one point I got a bit excited watching Jack because I thought the crowd behind him may have squished the heck out of him... it was lame nonetheless, he looked liek a bit of a goober.

The PM on the other hand looked fantastic in his interview with Brian Williams on ctv. He looked like a kid all excited to go to the hockey game, great to see!

maryT said...

Layton must be concerned how this video went viral, as some lady on Evan's show said, the lady in question is a friend of an ndp candidate, and is not upset.
Also, canwest poll says 4 out of 10 have lost support for the PM, at 38%, but that means 6 out of 10-62% still support the PM.
Why isn't that the headline.

Enkidu said...

Minor correction, PMSH did not prorogue Parliament during the Olympics, Parliament was suspended during the Olympics by unanimous vote. After that vote, PMSH prorogued Parliament, adding another 2 1/2 weeks to the blessed time that Parliament was not screwing over our lives:)

Picking a nits perhaps, but nits make lice.

Proroguing was necessary because without it, the Senate appointments he made would not affect the makeup of the Senate committees, and the Gliberals would continue to stall Conservative legislation. Now, when Parliament reconvenes, the Senate committees will be reformed to reflect the new balance of power in the Senate, and perhaps the Conservatives can start to move forward with their agenda, like Senate reform, and gun registration reform, and getting tough on crime, and all those things that are music to my ears and anathema to the left.

Patrick Ross said...

Oh, but don't you know? Layton was just moving that person's arm so he could see the screen.

Layton's press secretary says so, so it must be true.

Anonymous said...

Carry on, nothing to disagree with here. (real conservative)

Ardvark said...

With updated lyrics (Mine, apologies to STC)

"The goalie jumps and the players bump and the fans all go insane
Someone roars "Crosby Scores!" at the good ole hockey game"

It would have been an international incident if Stompin Tom sang that at the games.

There is one group I did not praise above that I left out on purpose as they deserve their own post. Our Military.

Patrick Ross said...

So, did anyone else get a load of Robbie Day parroting the NDP press department's explanation of the whole thing?

He was just moving the woman's arm so he could see the screen.

Which, unfortuantely, doesn't explain why he can clearly be seen waving to the camera.