Friday, March 19, 2010

And they say the PM is power hungry.

NDP justice critic Joe Comartin will move a motion next Tuesday calling on the Ontario Attorney-General and the Ontario Provincial Police to come before a Commons committee to explain themselves on the the Rahim Jaffer plea bargain.

Let me guess Joe; Parliament is sovereign so they have a RIGHT to do what ever they want by calling in anyone, including other levels of governments, to "explain themselves". Ya right. Here is hoping that the Ontario Attorney-General throws a copy of our Constitution at him and tells him to go screw himself.

To harsh perhaps?

Not really; just think what the response would be if a Commons Health committee decided that they wanted Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams to come in and "explain himself" for his decision to get cardiac surgery in the US. It did result in a loss of faith in our health system after all, so why not?

Now that would be a harsh response.


Charles said...

The NDP think that they are in a Soviet Union style government were the lower levels have to answer to the all powerful central "Committee". Hey isn't that how Trudeau wanted it? Funny...The NDP think like Trudeau. I can almost hear the old Soviet anthem playing in the background as the lower bureaucrats make their way into the "Chamber of the People", and their fate will be handed down by comrad little big man from armpit of the but crack of the country.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

This could get very interesting. So how will the Federal Liberals vote? Will they pressure their provincial cousins? Hmmmm...

Ardvark said...

Why stop at the Ontario Attorney-General. Bring in McGuinty too.

Come on Joe, you guys are sovereign and answer to no one, bring him in in handcuffs if he doesn't show up on his own. You have the power.

Or do you?

NB Tory Gal said...

The opposition is wayyyyy out of control and has lost the plot. We should remind them why they are in parliament in the first place. TO GET THE BUSINESS OF CANADA OFF THE GROUND AND RUNNING -- they are not legal eagles, private investigators or moral scrutineers. None of their other gripes ( libs, ndp and bloc ) have really flown far to hit us broadside, so now they will take up almost anything...even a former sitting MP now a private citizen and running a bit amok...yes it sure seems like gulag mentality here and quite concerning...he is taking on a court of appeal's job and riding roughshod...because the article states that there is no backing down on this's Joe's hill...every party seems to have a legal beagle who loves to sift through legal and perhaps even constitutional and how wide are the parameters of a parliamentarian in order to throw mud...
What point does this all serve? This is not even a federal situation...hello JOE??? take a blue pill and rethink. Why not give your constituents all of the time you are spending on this hill you are proclaiming you will die on... they would be happy and you will have calmed your soul.

ends this...shaking her head... onward and upward !!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tory Girl, is the blue pill a reference to the Matrix or Viagra? lol

Paul M said...

Granted, I'm no Parliamentary scholar, but how can the Federal government (through Parliament) demand that a Provincial government explain their actions on a Provincial responsibility?

Talk about over reaching authority.

Martin said...

If Bob Nicholson actually tried to contact the judge, prosecutor, or AG of Ont. in a specific case, imagine the howls of outrage from the likes of Mr. Cromartin. In the Trudeau era, quite a number of Liberal MPs got in trouble for phoning judges. It is well understood to be the ultimate political boner.

Jen said...

Hugo Chavezlike at work.

What about that NDP mp, forgot his name, in Nova Scotia, who took millions of dollars, Comartin?

What about the $40million dollars which your pal coalition friends have not returned. There is more so not only bring a policeman, bring in policemen and a van.
Check out Chretien as well.

CanadianSense said...

Are the NDP are trying to give us Joe the plumber? (Made in Canada)

dupmar said...

Trudeau's centralist vision of all power to the federal government was and apparently remains the NDP vision. Why do you think Trudeau and the NDP worked so closely together on constitutional initiatives during his reign.

And Chretien was cut in the Trudeau mold - so it was only during the period of John Turner that the Liberals did so soul-searching and sought to head in a different direction.

Have you never wondered why, despite all the left radicalism in Quebec, the PQ in power for several mandates, the NDP never managed a breakthrough. It's because the NDP constitutional policies were indistinguishable from those of the Trudeau Liberals, and politicians like Levesque had much more affinity with other Progressive Conservative Premiers, and with the federal PC Party, than with the NDP.

kursk said...

" In the Trudeau era, quite a number of Liberal MPs got in trouble for phoning judges."

We don't even have to go that far back to find a Lieberal phoning judges to influence them.

Chretien, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Mr.Comartin....for you I have just 2 words Sir.


Ardvark said...

It is an travesty that Comartin even believes that he can call the Ontario AG to appear.

Where the hell are all of those constitutional 'experts', that were in the papers daily during prorogation, now?

Jen said...

AA, Read this article which was brought to my attention upon reading it on frmgrl blog.

Afghan Detainee Issue Pure Political Theatrics

Disgraceful Liberals lie and distort
By Dick Field Friday, March 19, 2010
Blanco’s Blog

'It doesn’t matter whether it is the CBC stable of talking heads, the Toronto Star or its subsidiaries and their editorialists or the many journalists so familiar to us all that it makes one sick when they appear on virtually every panel or newscast.. These talking know-it-all types dominate the mass Lib-left “news” across Canada. Their ratio of anti-Harper and anti-Conservative rhetoric is 20 to 1 against. It is a disgusting fact of Canada’s unbalanced and distorted mass media.'

Read more-very interesting.

Jen said...

Good on Mr. Field a former editor for writing such an article, there are areas in his article that will surprise you concerning UJALL's tweeting while in committee. Read his article.
He writes for the Canadian FREE PRESS(CFP)

Ardvark said...

Here is my blog entry on Dosanjh and his Tweeting habit.

And this is the same guy that wants access to see secret documents.

Patrick Ross said...

Wow. Kinda seems like mr Comartin wants to use his committee not only to go after political opponents, but to go after former political opponents.

The OPP officer used an illegal search procedure when he searched Jaffer. Has Comartin ever heard of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Seriously?