Saturday, March 20, 2010

Did the ads do what they were intended to do?

That would be an unqualified yes.

A last minute rush to qualify for the Home Renovation Tax Credit pushed retail sales up 0.7% in January, according to government data released Friday.

Home improvement stores were the largest contributor to the month’s $35.7 billion in retail sales, Statistics Canada said. The deadline to qualify for a maximum HRTC rebate of $1,350 was Feb. 1. The popular temporary program was part of the federal government’s Economic Action Plan designed to boost spending.

But surprise surprise, the Liberals and the NDP, who were screaming that they wanted more stimulus spending and they wanted it now, are upset at the success of that very same stimulus spending.

"The government was out there promoting itself and serving up perceptions instead of accountability on what happened to the dollars," Kennedy said.

"Our worst fears are realized. These advertising campaigns are more about shameless self-promotion than informing the public about programs," said New Democrat MP Pat Martin.

Here is what they are upset about: 3% of respondents responses.

OMG 3%! Stephen Harper is pure evil. How dare he provide a stimulus program that had documented positive results for our economy. Won't somebody think of the children!

"One category in the list of possible unprompted responses to a question about words, sounds or images that came to mind included: Conservative, government or otherwise political imagery or message, images of the Prime Minister and the Conservative party logo. It did not differentiate between negative, positive or neutral statements.

Only 3 per cent of those who recalled the ads gave an answer that fit into this category, whereas 29 per cent gave the most common response: tax credits or savings.

When asked an open-ended question about what was the main point the advertising was trying to get across, the most common response, given by 22 per cent of participants, was: "If you conduct home renovations the government will provide incentives, tax credit, will help you."

BTW what the hell is Kennedy upset about? The Liberals voted AGAINST the now proven and very successful home renovation tax credit.

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Jen said...

BTW what the hell is Kennedy upset about?

He is afraid that his once liberal party are taken over by the NDP therefore, for some bills, the liberals are restricted against voting.
A cat and mouse game is played between these two parties as well with the their pals the BLOC.

Who holds the LPOC with an 'iron fist'- NDP.

Calgary Junkie said...

There is no point in looking for any kind of consistency from the criticisms coming from the coalition.

When Flaherty delivered his Fall economic update in Nov, 2008, the coaltion were screaming for $30 billion of spending IMMEDIATELY ! And shortly after the Jan 2009 budget, they wanted even MORE stimulus spending.

And, using Liberal logic, Iggy has lately been berating "those guys" for putting us in a $56 billion hole, which we now have to dig out of ! Of course, none of the media challenge him on the disconnect between his old "spend more" rhetoric, and his new "you made the deficit too big" rhetoric.

So it's just more of the same old, same old--nitpick everything to death; suck and blow on every issue; rely on the usual suspects in the media to sing from the Liberal songbook.

Jen said...

Watching the media 'hush hush' and tip toeing so as not to disturb their liberals is very comical.

Nevertheless they 'ARE' depressing, no wonder the asylum is loaded with people not because of serious problems but those who just can't take 'depressing' tally tailing negativity daily. It can't affect the mind and soul.
When the OLYMPICS took place, I have not seen so many people feel overjoy proud of their athletes and country; Almost everyday they awoke to the sound of a 'gold' being won.

NDP AND LIBERALS and their media do not wish to see our country being complimented by the world; it is a sign of the 'AWAKENING' -they are afraid that the innocent canadians whom they manipulated with negativity are finally awake and want none other but a government that took with pride our/their nation (canada) to the world.

Ardvark said...

The media is playing the roll of opposition right now because the Liberals have failed at the task, but come election time I believe the MSM will take a more balanced approach and Iffy will be exposed as the poser that he is.

Ok, the Star and a few others may not, but the free market and competition will prevail in the MSM and with their political commentary. It pays to be balanced when the public is actually paying attention.

Too optimistic?

The_Iceman said...

That is a big deal to have an increase in consumer sales in January. Typically retail suffers after everyone spends all their money at Christmas.

But it isn't just home improvement gear, it is across the board retail sales. Our economic recovery is in large part being driven by consumer confidence and sales. So we reduced the sales tax, and sales are stronger. Cause and effect.

Jeff said...

To the journalists reading this blog, I thank AA and his commenters for putting this story in context. Without them, the numbers would have no meaning. Most of you journalists are too idealogically committed to give the PM any credit at all for a job well done. Shame on you!

Ardvark said...

Iceman, that GST cut has provided billions of dollars of stimulus every year and will continue to do so. But the Liberals are against that, and want to take that those billion out of the economy by raising the GST.

They don't get it.