Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Michael Ignatieff should beware the ides of March.

With numbers like these, people like this, are going to again become impatient.


CanadianSense said...

Is it possible he could voluntarily take himself out?

He was tricked by the Liberals immigration policy of employment. He was promised th PM job and has become the pizza delivery driver for the Liberal Party in opposition.

Can he sue those liberal immigration consultants?

Spin Assassin said...

Et tu Bob Rae?


wilson said...

With an ego the size of Mt.Everest, Iffy would sell out the LPC to Dippers before he would let Bob Rae (#3 pick from the B Team) push him out.

Jeff said...

Death by a thousand cuts couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch. Faster please.

Anonymous said...

But maybe not with numbers like THESE:

OTTAWA - A new poll suggests a political stalemate continues as Parliament returns this week, with the Conservatives and Liberals stalled in a tie for support.

The two-week survey conducted Feb. 18-28 by The Canadian Press Harris-Decima gives the Tories and Liberals 31% each.

The NDP has 16%, the Greens have 12% and the Bloc Quebecois is at 8%.

Pollster Allan Gregg says it seems that stalemate is the new normal in Canadian politics, with neither of the two main parties able to make a breakthrough in a key area.

Neither can grab the federal vote in Quebec, the Tories aren’t making headway in major urban centres and the Liberals are still marginal in rural Canada and on the Prairies.

The survey contacted 2,035 people as part of an omnibus telephone poll and is considered accurate to within 2.2 percentage points 19 times in 20.

wilson said...

anon, we don't care what the polls say.
We KNOW Iffy is goin' down.
It doesn't matter when he gets the nerve to gather up his coalition of losers and pull the plug.

There will be Liberals hiding in the hallways for votes,
flip flops and climb downs, nothing has changed....Iffy is iffy and Donolo can not fix that.

maryT said...

And the canwest numbers show 62% of canadians have not changed their mind on how great our PM is.
No matter how much the lib media tries to spin a coalition is great, it wont sell to the voters. And iggy's statement we want change but not an election is saying the coup is still going to be attempted.
But, with Layton polling higher than iggy, maybe Layton will only go along if he can be PM.
Interesting days to watch in the next few days.
And just remember who forced the deficit on the government, and the opposition now want to increase it.

Ardvark said...

Anon, higher poll number would even make it worse for Iffy as the pressure from within to go to an election would compound his troubles.