Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Elusive Liberal Platform

Where is the Liberal election platform?

It was supposed to be all ready to go in June 2009.

It was supposed to have been ready when Ignatieff uttered his famous "Mr. Harper, your time is up." back in September 2009.

So here we are in late March 2010 and what does Michael Ignatieff have to say about that elusive Liberal election platform now:

"The conference will be a key step in the development of the Liberal Party's platform for the next general election."


Patrick Ross said...

One has to remember what a Liberal party platform actually is -- a political prop to be discarded at their earliest convenience.

Campaign from the left -- then take the money and run: the Liberal Party MO.

Ardvark said...

Sort of like the redbook was.

Anonymous said...

-"Where is the Liberal Platform?"

-It's on the CPC website labelled "Conservative Platform".

Ardvark said...

"-It's on the CPC website labelled "Conservative Platform"."

My dipper readers are going to love that one =)


maryT said...

AA, just imagine if you had stayed in the race, you could be making the speech of a lifetime tomorrow. LOL

Anonymous said...


And in other news that the MSM tries to bury well off of the front page;

With two months left to report for the 2009-10 fiscal year, the federal government has a budget deficit of $39.6 billion, whereas Finance forecast a $53.8-billion shortfall for the entire fiscal year. Should the momentum continue, it is possible the federal deficit for this fiscal year could be quite a bit smaller than projected.

Ardvark said...

When is the next Liberal convention scheduled? It is high time for a leadership review.

I doubt that he would survive one.

wilson said...

I don't think Libs have a leadership review until 2011, 2 years after Iffy was crowned.

maryT said...

Iggy has said the solution to everything is to get the deciders in one room. Does that mean he is going to call on Pres G.W. Bush. Wasn't it him who said, I am the decider.

CanadianSense said...

We don't need a leadership change. Ignatieff has been more stable than Dion in getting his team to vote for the CPC Agenda.

In September he had his one time pass. In March he may have ordered 29 Liberals to skip work.

Last week, well... cut the guy some slack.

Do we want to see and hear Bob Rae more?

Denis Coderre is in the penalty box no more "starving children unless we pass 360 EI"

Let Iggy qualify for his pension. With his leadership, the party is busy fighting amongst itself for the next leader.

I sense almost three parts. Quebec, Iffy Rosedale, Bob Rae left.

The_Iceman said...

I was shocked to learn that two tier health care is going to become Liberal policy. I thought the Liberals told us that was a bad thing?

maryT said...

Climbing out of the Dark as the video of Pierre,s smack down of McGuinty in the HofC. Priceless.

maryT said...

I think I have found the liberal platform, the party is trying to expense it as a renovation tax credit.

Jeff said...

The Liberals have
- no policies
- no bench strength
- no money
- no leadership

And they still poll around 30%.

Hinchey's Store said...

AA - I was wondering the same thing when I read that - smoke and mirrors, and we'll all forget what a politician says within a year, right? Because we're lemmings.