Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Maybe the students should get suspended with pay

Oh wait, students don't get paid, only the teachers do, including the ones in this video.

Students who took the video footage of 2 Winnipeg teachers "lap dancing" may face punishment.

"The Churchill High School students violated the Winnipeg School Division's zero-tolerance policies forbidding the use of cellphone cameras and other devices in schools, officials said. School board chairwoman Jackie Sneesby refused to rule out punishment for the students."

Zero tolerance for 'other devices' that record video you say?

Hmm, do cctv cameras fit into the other devices category? (pdf file on contract to supply and install cctv cameras in WSD schools)

What about regular digital cameras? (pdf file on courses offered in WSD schools on digital photography)

Btw, how do you know that all of these videos were recorded on cellphone cameras?

Go for it WSD; punish the students, but be keep your resumes updated as you will need them soon.


CanadianSense said...

Agreed if you punish the students, the parents should lobby against Jackie Sneesby for keeping her job through the Education Minister at the Provincial Level and locally through Trustees.

The Grey Lady said...

Yikes these parents should all pull their kids out of the school and picket it. Don't mess with unions kids they will crucify you, even if you are right and they are wrong. Learn that lesson now and then let these tax eaters wonder why no one respects their sorry behinds.

Fay said...

The manitoba Teachers society is extremely powerful ! I am very glad the eyes of the world are watching to see what consequences these teachers will face. Even Bill O'reilly is watching this disgrace now.We in Manitoba have felt for over 30 years the wrath of the teachers union where no mercy is ever shown to the student. the teacher is always the victim.

Kit said...

maybe the students should be suspended with their marks intact.... seems fair.

What a complete ass Jackie Sneesby has turned out to be. Shame on the WSD for shifting the blame onto children... Shame.
As for the two teachers... grow up.. and don't take too long to figure out what it is you want to do when you do grow up... because it should not be teaching.