Thursday, March 25, 2010

Canwest: How to miss the real story.

I got an email earlier today that pointed me towards this story which appeared in the Edmonton Journal on the failed Liberal abortion 'family planning' motion. This is the story that appeared in print the next morning BTW.

Take a look for yourself; notice something missing? Incredibly there is absolutely NO mention at all about the 3 Liberals who voted against the motion or the 13 who were absent from the vote; in effect the article missed the major part of the story which caused such a stir yesterday.

The writer of the email asks if perhaps the story was edited or if that story appeared in any other papers, so I did some checking and it turns out that yes the Journal story was edited and indeed it had appeared elsewhere, but even in the non-edited versions of the story there is NO mention on how the minority conservatives managed to defeat a motion backed by all 3 opposition parties. Something that you would think would have been questioned by the author or even one of the many editors that looked at this piece.

Perhaps Canwest was using the same calculator that the Liberals used to figure out if they had the votes to pass their own motion, or perhaps they were using their own; the one that they use to keep track of their share prices. Either way they missed the blatantly obvious on this one.

The entire attributed article can be found here in the National Post. (note that in the comments someone asks the question about how the motion failed when the opposition had the numbers.)


CanadianSense said...

Media bias...nah.

The School of Journalism is not rampant with left leaning liberals.

You are too critical.

Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro are great democratic leaders loved by their people. They need the protection of their army to keep their adoring fans back!


The Abortion Motion was designed to help women and babies. Really. The women in the Congo would prefer an abortion over safe water and food security. Don't you understand our priorities and the unlimited tax dollars we have available?

You right wingers and your silly ideas.

(/sarcasm off)

The Chinese Media would be proud of the ability of our media to censor themselves.

Ardvark said...

It was just lazy journalism and poor editing.

They missed the obvious, a minority government cannot win any vote without at least some help from the opposition, with either support or abstention, and on such a controversial subject as abortion you would think that those numbers would have been scrutinized more than usual.

maryT said...

Still waiting for iggy to explain how abortion saves lives of children.
Advocating aborting African women, couldn't that be labeled racist, genocide or something.

Ardvark said...

Put on some comfortable shoes MaryT because you are going to be waiting a long time for that to happen.