Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Iffy Alternative.

Michael Ignatieff : “They’ve (Canadians) [Interesting that Ignatieff uses 'they've' instead of 'we've' * here.] had three or four elections and they’ve told me as clear as can be: ‘Listen up, Ignatieff, we don’t want an election, we want an alternative’ -- and that’s what I’m doing,”

Here is just the latest example of 'what he is doing'.

Ignatieff and the Liberal Party did not bother to introduce one single amendment to a budget that Ignatieff himself described as being full of "freezes, cuts and gimmicks," and that "the throne speech and the budget let Canadians down. They expected vision and got gimmicks. They deserved ambition and got drift,".

Imagine that; a budget that Liberals have declared as being bad for the country will not only pass because Ignatieff is not going to allow some of his caucus to do their jobs and vote, but will pass as is written because the Liberals could not even be bothered to table any amendments to improve it. Not that I am surprised considering Michael Ignatieff pretty much summed up his leadership philosophy when he said the following "I am the leader of the opposition. I have no position to clarify.", but Canadians deserve better.

(Update: the budget did pass thanks to the 29 chosen)

That is quite the alternative you are showing us Mr. Ignatieff. Under your leadership we have seen a Liberal Party who would rather play political games and smear than do anything helpful or constructive, and worse yet are too damn scared to even back up for their own words and rhetoric with action. Mr. Ignatieff you may by definition be called an 'alternative', but by the actions of yourself and your party you have shown Canadians that you are only in it for yourself and are truly one very Iffy alternative.

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I will continue to update this post as new material becomes available on why Ignatieff and the Liberals are a very Iffy Alternative.

Epic Fail: Ignatieff shows us that he is not even capable of running his own party.


Jen said...

Ignatieff is not going to allow some of his caucus to do their jobs and vote,

AA, and the media says that the conservatives are controlling.

Look! the liberals had thirteen years or more to do their job to the job fullest apparently they didn't so what gives in what the liberals plan to do now. nothing. and they know that. they are not use to thinking for the people but their own people(themselves and their media)and besides, they are too busy at the moment helping their taliban far less to worry about CANADA.

The_Iceman said...

If Canadians want an alternative, do you think that they would want that alternative to propose amendments to the budget Liberals claim will harm Canadians?

Ardvark said...

This quote from Iffy sums it up "I am the leader of the opposition. I have no position to clarify."

CanadianSense said...

1)He may be preoccupied with trying to keep his job.

See your Ides of March Post. Bob is back in town.

2)Looking for a smaller venue in Montreal to book a photo op for friends.(Moneytreal - 150 boys nite out includes Liberal staffers)

3)Polishing up his resume in hopes to join other Liberals with employment in China.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

The Liberal Party really messed up when it passed you up in favour of Iffy, Ardvark.

Ardvark said...

I could have made that party great ;)

CanadianSense said...

I would also add you could not do worse than the last two leaders.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Whoever is Liberal leader next will have a very low bar to exceed.