Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Canada 150 a success story.

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Michael Ignatieff is cooked.

Just as Canada has begun making progress on the global tax scene, along comes Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff with a plan to shift gears and head backwards.

A pretentious conference shows us why Ignatieff 's party is going nowhere.

Can a political party think itself back into power? Apparently, the Liberal party believes it can. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, by shutting their eyes tight, clicking their heels together, and uttering the magic words "There's no place like Ottawa...

If they wanted to hear the truth, Liberals should have imported a collection of respectable outsiders able and willing to explain in unblinkered detail just how bankrupt and deluded the Liberal party has become with regard to its own identity...


Anonymous said...

Yeah but but Chretien and Martin were there...

Anonymous said...

Canada has a good future but it isn't gonna be as much fun going forward as it has been the past few decades past. Those days of tightened belts and seriousness don't jive with the liberal mentality very well.

CanadianSense said...

Only thing missing is a cooked goose recipe.

I almost feel sorry for the Liberals who ruined their weekend and showed up to hear how shallow they have become.

It was like watching a clip from the reality shows with AA or Big Fat Loser.

Yes, we know they suck and have done little to reconnect with regular Canadians.

Margaret Wente nailed it. Many of us have been blogging about it for awhile.

The CPC decided to own the centre and absorb some criticism from the right.

The LPOC can't reclaim the centre and have shifted left trying to hold on to their 77 seats.