Monday, March 15, 2010

Abstaining makes the Liberal heart grow fonder; an explanation.

As you may know 29 Liberal MPs did not register a vote on the budget, nor did the Liberals offer up any amendments to try to improve that budget. The budget is important and for the Liberals to miss a vote on it after all of the outcry over prorogation just reeks of hypocrisy and political game playing. Here is what the Iceman said on the subject: "The budget is hands down the most important piece of legislation affecting the greatest number of Canadians that they could possibly vote on. If ever there was a day to show up to vote on behalf of the people you represent, it is budget day. Not only did they skip an afternoon of work, it was the most important afternoon of 2010!" (link)

But not so fast everyone; the Liberals may have a legitimate excuse for being absent from the budget vote.

It turns out that this was not out of the ordinary for the Liberals, in fact despite leader Michael Ignatieff's vow that his party would no longer sit on its hands during votes in Parliament, Liberal MPs have missed three times as many votes in the House of Commons as Conservative members so far this year. "The average Liberal MP did not participate in about 12% of the recorded votes on bills and motions in the House of Commons since the parliamentary session began in January, compared with Conservative MPs, who on average skipped 4%"

"The Liberals posted the worst record for voting of the four parties in the House, standing to be counted fewer times on average than even Bloc Quebecois MPs."

So stop picking on the poor Liberals you guys, it is normal for them to miss work.

Related: After re-reading my original post from April where I first wrote on the attendance story, I couldn't help to be taken by the something in the first line: "...Michael Ignatieff's vow that his party would no longer sit on its hands during votes in Parliament." So a quick Google search was preformed and looky what I found.

Michael Ignatieff: ' ...and our job as an opposition is to say that, stand up for Canadians and fight for them, and we will. In a word, no more sitting on our hands.'

So how is Michael Ignatieff going to fight for us this week? I am not sure, but it certainly won't be in Ottawa or Parliament because beginning Saturday, Ignatieff again is embarking on a town hall tour, to seven Canadian cities, including Burnaby next Friday and he again will be absent from the House of Commons.

5 comments: to the radio said...

I don't think the Conservatives ever once sat on their hands during a confidence vote against the Liberal government. Majority or minority. They played Layton to finally stick the shiv into Martin.

Tactically, the Liberals may think they are playing the best game by stringing out the minority, but they should have bitten the bullet a couple have years ago.
No, I put that in there on purpose.
I should have said a couple of years ago.
But I find that too often people use of instead have of.
I mean of instead of have.

I think the Liberals are hurting their strategy.
First, they thought they could regain power with the magical Dion Green Shift.
Then they thought that installing a new leader without a vote would appeal to the masses.
And then they thought the scandal du jour strategy would work.
Anti prorogue now becomes a toothless tiger as they capitulate once again to the budget vote.

When you are opposition to a majority government you can say whatever you want.
But when you are able to bring down a minority government and you don't then you cease to be credible.

These next six months will be the most productive legislative period since the 1960's.
Harper's last shot at legacy before the final countdown.
And I'm not saying he is going to lose.
But with control of the Senate he's got carte blanche in case he does.

Look at how he maneouvred extra sitting days from the anti prorogue gambit.
He's got plans.
And they played right into his hands.

The_Iceman said...

Ardvark my friend, it gets even better! Iggy is ditching parliament for this whole week to do this "listening tour". Remember when Tories prorogued and cited as a reason consulting consituents, then the Liberals went nuts and said parliament is the sovereign? After just two weeks back to work, Iggy is cutting class to consult with contituents! It is ironic.

maryT said...

My bet is that the PM knew Iggy would do this, sure makes that fb crowd eat crow. Will they demand Iggy get back to work, and quit going for photo ops.
Why didn't he consult and listen last January-March 4.

Anonymous said...

I find this strange.... Remember the MSM crying foul when PM Harper prorogued Parliament to consult Canadians....why the liberals and their tag along media - thought the world was going to "stop"... now that Iggy or Iffy has moved out of Ottawa to talk to Canadians.. just before his big media agenda... it is the best thing since sliced bread... All they are trying to do is give him lots of photo ops before their meeting and trying to give it a big send off... Wonder if Kaddy will start a new blog... what do Canadians think of the Opposition leader leaving Town just after Parliament started... I thought he couldn't wait to get back to work and do his job... I guess most Canadians realize he doesn't know what his job is all about....

Hinchey's Store said...

'Get back to work Ignatieff!'

Gut-bustingly hilarious that we aren't hearing that in the MSM, isn't it? I mean, given the backlash Harper received, I'm surprised those very same protesters aren't falling all over themselves in order to be the first to call for Ignatieff's proverbial head on a platter!