Thursday, March 18, 2010

10 percenters, how I shall miss thee.

Farewell 10 percenters. You will be missed.

I will miss your over the top political rhetoric, spin, and smears.

I will miss writing emails to the Liberal MP's who sent you to my door and I will miss those same Liberal MP's not even bother to reply back or even acknowledge those emails.

But most of all I will miss the easy target they presented and the ease of which you made coming up with a blog post simpler.

So long 10 percenters.

Ujjal Dosanjh rejects our reality and substitutes his own.

A Tale of 2 McGuinty's

Brison's ten-percenter vs Ignatieff's stock portfolio.

You will be missed.


Anonymous said...

As I understand it - this procedure that passed yesterday - Is not binding.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I got one in the mail this a.m.--Michael Ignatieff howling about the prorogation. Timely. :P

Ardvark said...

Very timely considering Ignatieff took the week off work.

Aviator said...

I got one this morning from Iggy suggesting that the Liberals are the party that supports our troops. Having spent 36 years as one of those troops, I returned it with some very impolite (but factual) comments. Normally I get this rubbish from Layton (that was yesterday), so they were both in a rush to beat their own motion.

Ardvark said...

Coincidences galore!

The Liberal and the NDP get their 10%ers out before the hammer comes down.

And Aviator, who served 36 years in the the service of his country, gets a "Liberals are the party that supports our troops" 10% er from Ignatieff, who was serving only himself outside of Canada for 36 years.

I think when they finally get this all ironed out, MP's will still get to send them into their own riding and perhaps even into adjacent/neighboring ridings, but not half way across the country.

IMHO that would be a reasonable solution and win win for those involved. It would save us money while allowing MP's to get their message out to their constituents.