Monday, November 16, 2009

Ujjal Dosanjh rejects our reality and substitutes his own.

The Liberal Party is all about lies and games. Take Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh's recent appearance on CTV's Power Play with Tom Clark on Nov, 10 2009 as an example. (Video @ bottom of post)

Here is what he had to say on the subject of 10%'ers: "The difference is most of the conservative 10 percenters for instance that come into my riding, at least 1 every month, have been personally attacking Michael Ignatieff for having stayed outside the country. I mean that is disgusting. That is not an appropriate use of the10 percenters. If the want to argue policy, if they want to argue ideas, if they want to attack what we stand for, ah..that is different. If you are spending money for purely partisan personal attacks, that is not acceptable and that is the problem with the Conservative 10 percenters."

Is he lying to your face or just the most unaware MP in Ottawa?

Sorry to be so blunt but how can Dosanjh actually sit there and say with a straight face that the Liberals do not send out partisan 10%'ers? That is beyond the realm of belief considering that Caroline Bennett was just forced to apologize for this particular 10 %'er using aboriginal children as pawns for political games while using the fake body bag scandal as cover.And who can forget the outrageous 10%'er Hedy Fry sent out slagging our military and implying that Canadians abroad feel shame for wearing OUR flag because Canada has a conservative government!

I should note that to my knowledge Hedy Fry has not yet apologized for this outrage.

These 2 examples are common knowledge, there are more including ones that attack Stephen Harper, and there is NO possible way that that Dosanjh did not know about these or the other partisan material coming from the brain trust of the Liberal Party. So what the hell was Dosanjh, a guy who won his seat by just 20 votes, doing other than playing political games for political gain? I await an answer, but I know that like an apology from Hedy Fry, I should not expect one anytime soon.

If the above was not enough proof of the games that the Liberals are trying to play, consider what Dosanjh had to say about prisoners in Afghanistan getting the H1N1 vaccine claiming that the government prioritized the prisoners ahead of Canadians at home.

"The question I have is. How come those men, ah you know robust men who are engaged against our soldiers and fighting our soldiers, how come they become the priority and ah men and women in this country, majority of them at this point, are not a priority and that is the mess this governement created."

Pathetic. Nobody believes that the conservatives would purposely put Taliban prisoners ahead of Canadians, but yet we have Dosanjh trying to spin it as if they did.

I just hope that when the next election does come that at least 20 people in Vancouver South come to their senses and change their vote too get rid of this guy and his smears.


CanadianSense said...

Did Tom Clark hold him to account for the Liberal 10% that are disgusting or personal attacks?

A casual observation Tom Clark, Fife (Count Olaf), JT like to interrupt the CPC guests and get them "off script".

Did Tom Clark press the Liberal MP or allow him a free Liberal TV spot?

Ardvark said...

Not at all. The satellite feed was about to end and so did the interview.

Jen said...

Is he lying to your face or just the most unaware MP in Ottawa?

The liberals are use to blaming other people including you for their own mess and Ujjal knows very well that Tom Clark will not dare overstep his boundaries when questioning UJJAL . So whatever the answer might be, Tom Clark has to leave it at that.

kursk said...

Ujjal Dosanjh is just another lying Marxist disguised as a Liberal.

Remember that.

Ardvark said...

Dosanjh is 1 of 2 former NDP Premiers who are now federal Liberals.


wilson said...

note to Ujjal,
(from the clip)
the CPC can't attack 'what Liberals stand for'
even Liberals are asking what they stand for,
it's someting nobody knows, a big Liberal secret....but Donolo will soon be making that decision for Iffy

Anonymous said...

Did he really call the terrorists that would rather plant IEDs then face Canadian troops on the battlefield "robust" ?

Anonymous said...

Someone should ask Dosanjh or Ignatieff if Omar Khadar deserves the H1n1 vaccine more than Mike from Canmore.

CanadianSense said...


is it possible you don't "meat" the qualifications?

1) Highly successful Punk Band
2) Dining Tips at ethnic restaurants.

As a Liberal "strategist" a case can be made for the benefits of listening to very loud music.

caz said...

"That is not an appropriate use of the10 percenters. If the want to argue policy, if they want to argue ideas, if they want to attack what we stand for, ah..that is different." The point is this party has no ideas and they don't have a clue what they stand for. So pretty stupid thing to say Dosanjh! You better be careful because Iggy in a campaign debate pretending to actually have a platform would be lethal,crushing and hilarious to watch.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why everyone says the Liberal Party doesn't stand for anything. Of course they do, as follows:
1. Getting back in power by any means possible.
2. Getting their hands on the stimulus money before it is all spoken for. (So far none has been directed toward the Liberal Party)
3. Getting the opportunity to raise taxes to eliminate the deficit, all the while blaming the Conservatives for following the policies put forward by themselves, the NDP, and the Bloc.
4. Repatriating all the Taliban and Al-Queida prisoners to Canada.
5. Implementing any and all policy initiatives put forward by the U.N. (transfer of wealth to developing countries to fight global warming, condemnation of Israel for defending itself, etc., etc.....)

Ardvark said...

The Liberal brand is not what it used to be.