Saturday, November 07, 2009

I'm sorry, so sorry.....

NDP MP Pat Martin has apologized to the government. Earlier this week Martin called federal Sports Minister Gary Lunn and the Conservative government "crass" and "petty" and claimed that "There's clearly some political interference here" when a list of Olympic torch relay events released was heavy on Tory ridings and light on opposition turf. Martin went ballistic in the belief the list meant the torch wasn't going anywhere in Winnipeg fired off an angry letter to Lunn, accusing the Conservatives of using the torch relay to promote Conservatives. "I think your deliberate gerrymandering of the torch route to avoid opposition ridings is cheap, petty, and offends the Olympic spirit," Martin wrote. "Any reasonable person would route the torch through the corner of Portage and Main and if you are willing to do so I'll even agree to stay away if you're worried about having to share the glory with an opposition MP."

But once reality entered the picture, including the fact that the torch will be going through his riding, Martin had this to say: "I wish I had known this earlier, before I accused the (government) of deliberately manipulating the torch relay in Winnipeg to avoid NDP ridings," Martin said. "I apologize for these remarks and appreciate the invitation to participate in this exciting event for Winnipeg when it occurs in January."

Now the question is, will the MSM, who ran with this story in-spite of the fact that the head of VANOC has flat out denied any Conservative involvement. "At no time did anybody in any government, or any political party offer one iota of counsel or influence about that," John Furlong said. "We did our jobs the way we should have done them.", put as much ink or air time into the apology as they did with the original unfounded smear?

Ok, I know that the MSM really couldn't be bothered, has anyone seen any MSM outlet other than the Telegraph-Journal apologize for the fake wafergate coverage, but one can always hope.



Ron said...

To answer your question - No the MSM will not correct the false impression made by the false accusations. Their job is to prop up the Liberal party - not correct errors made by them or the NDP.

Anonymous said...

Right on Ron, but even the MSM will have quite a job propping up these guys. Iggy and his team are in free fall, when a Liberal hack like Travers tells us Iggy squandered his chance re the long- gun registry. He even calls the Libs and the Dippers dumb and dumber. Iggy must be thinking Haaaavad here I come....cheers...argee

fernstalbert said...

So glad you have featured this story. Pat Martin another frothing NDP mudslinger. He should be renamed "Have Mouth, Will Travel". Cheers.

Anonymous said...

There will be no correction Ron. This crap of putting out false statements, letting them fly for a while them with an "OOOPs I apologize" has been going on for a long long time. "A favorite stunt of WK" I don't care what party does it once the false message is embedded in the public mind the damages is done and none of their apologies mean a rats a$$. Man oh man are we Canadians dumb to accept the apology of these clowns. What would happen if just once we said no we do not accept your apology,Make it right or get to hell out.
Rob C

Rural and Right said...

Slightly off topic ... is it me or does the torch look like a good weapon to club seals with ???

CanadianSense said...

How do you help someone who is not interested in helping themselves?

The opposition are jumping on everything looking for some evil lurking agenda.

Jack Layton went over the top when he linked homeless dying to Paul Martin lack of affordable housing plan.

Are the MP's so rattled about the upcoming election they are losing any cohesion of party unity or sanity?

Every MP for themself?

The bizzare fake scandal thingy has been ramped up lately and it is going to cost the opposition more seats.

bocanut said...

Doesn't Pat Martin live on Saltspring Island?

Eric said...

On the other hand, at least he has the class to apologize.

Tell you the truth, I have much more respect for someone who is willing to take their lumps and admit they are wrong.

Ardvark said...

Agreed, on Pat Martin showing some class and apologizing, and the torch making a good club =)

Anonymous said...

Clubbing on both coasts? :)


Anonymous said...

My bad, all coasts.......:)


maryT said...

Maybe Martin doesn't know where his riding is.

Anonymous said...

Martin know where his riding is?

Not likely. He comes across as a brain-addled dolt who doesn't know his arse from a hole in the ground. He's too young to be so dim-witted.

That sort of slow-minded behaviour is the exclusive domain of old farts closer to my advanced years. We just call these sorts of outburts our "senior moments."

Interesting though, isn't it, how many talking heads sprang to Martin's rescue with: "salt of the earth, none better, a man of honour, a parlementarian's parliamentarian and a level-headed gentleman, a voice of calm reason."

Incredible. Unbelievable. I also think that he was set up by some librano whackoids feeding him false intel, making Martin look like the patsy he is.



Jen said...

Pat Martin is the very same who debated endlessly about the the crime in Winepeg about car racing or drive by shooting or something around there.
He talked and talked (you know how NDPers talk) till the cows come home.
Anyway, when it was time to vote on the that particular bill, guess what, Pat Martin and the rest of his colleagues never bothered to vote for the that crime bill.
All that talk and concern for his people of Winipeg was compleletely ignored by him and his party.

Jen said...

Just to refresh our memories, the NDP is part of the of coalition and any party that is part of the coalitions with the NATIONAL MEDIA 'one and only party the LPOC, are and will be protected by the NM. And any party that goes against them will be punished by the NM.
You see it everyday.